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SB 296 (Soto-D) Defense retention and conversion projects

Enacts the State Department of Defense Operational Effectiveness Preparedness Act to help prevent any further base closures in the state.

(Died in Senate Governmental Organization Committee)

SB 519 (Vincent-D) Military base conversion: housing

Establishes the California Temporary Military Affordable Housing Authority to examine and select housing units on a decommissioned military base for renovation and leasing as affordable senior housing.

(Died in Senate Housing and Community Development Committee)

SB 656 (Knight-R) Military base retention

Provides a process for the selection of a single local base retention entity and enacts the Military Base Retention Authority Act to provide a means for affected local entities to partner in base retention efforts by allowing the creation of a joint powers authority.

(Died in Senate Local Government Committee)

SB 703 (Perata-D) Military base reuse: El Toro

Enacts provisions that would govern the structure and composition of the reuse entity and its governing body for the Marine Corps Air Station at El Toro if a specified county initiative measure is adopted by voters of Orange County.

(Died in Senate Local Government Committee)

SB 863 (Knight-R) Power plants: military installations

Clarifies a power plant situated on an active or closed military installation as a separate stationary source, if that designation is consistent with the state's implementation plan, and excludes the power plants from military air pollution calculations.

(Died in Senate Environmental Quality Committee)

SB 1229* (Johnson-R) Donated military base reuse property

Allows a school district to apply the appraised value of donated military base reuse property toward meeting the local matching share requirement for a new school construction project funded pursuant to the State School Facilities Program.

(Died in Assembly Appropriations Committee)

SB 1468 (Knight-R) Local general plans: military facilities

Requires cities and counties to include, in their general plans, impacts of civilian development on military installations, and requires the Governor's Office of Planning and Research, on or before January 1, 2004, if sufficient funds are available, to prepare a handbook on reducing land use conflict between civilian development and military readiness. Double-jointed with AB 2175 (Daucher-R) and AB 3057 (Matthews-D).

Chapter 971, Statutes of 2002

SJR 24 (Knight-R) Military base closures

Urges the state, through the Legislature, the Governor, and the California Congressional delegation to deliver a message to the President and Congress that the closure of any military base in California is unacceptable.

(Died in Senate Rules Committee)

AB 1436 (Correa-D) Military base reuse: Orange County

Allows a single local reuse entity to negotiate award design-build contracts for various projects, exceeding specified dollar amounts, that support redevelopment at the site of a closed military base. Prevents the City of Irvine from annexing parts of the Marine Corps Air Station at El Toro until the County of Orange owns the property.

(Died on Senate Inactive File)

AB 1606 (Bates-R) Low-income housing: military base

Provides that a city shall be deemed to have satisfied a portion of its share of the regional housing need on the basis of two units of credit for each unit of housing on a decommissioned military base that is converted to low-income housing.

(Died in Assembly Local Government Committee)

AB 2313 (Chu-D) Defense Retention Program

Deletes obsolete provisions regarding the amount of starting capital for the Defense Retention Grant Program and limits the amount of grants made by the State Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency under the program.

Chapter 436, Statutes of 2002

AB 2875 (Vargas-D) Military bases: retention

Recommences the start date for local agency military base recovery area designations, while maintaining the eight year limitation term of those designations.

Chapter 692, Statutes of 2002

AB 2882 (Cardenas-D) Military base reuse

Requires military base reuse authorities, in the preparation, adoption, review, and revision of these plans, to give first priority to the consideration of the reuse of the base for community college facilities.

(Died in Assembly Local Government Committee)

AB 2964 (Shelley-D) Hunters Point Shipyard

Enacts the Hunters Point Shipyard Conversion Act of 2002, for the purpose of delegating to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency the responsibility of administering the public trust on trust land within the redevelopment area following the transfer of the Hunters Point Shipyard from the U.S. Navy to the agency.

Chapter 464, Statutes of 2002



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