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SB 1044 (Murray-D) Earthquake emergency procedures

Requires the governing board of each school district and the county superintendent of schools of each county to adopt a policy for the acquisition of equipment and supplies that would be needed for school sites used as community shelters or disaster centers after a 7.0 magnitude or greater earthquake.

(In Senate Appropriations Committee)

SB 1122 (Alarcon-D) Seismic safety: schools

Appropriates $75,000 from the General Fund to the Office of Emergency Services to develop an educational pamphlet for use by school personnel to identify and mitigate the risks posed by nonstructural earthquake hazards.

Chapter 294, Statutes of 1999

SB 1231 (Senate Revenue And Taxation Committee) Disaster: property tax refunds

Extends disaster relief for the defaulted installment plans, granting tax collectors flexibility to defer payment for one year to all disasters, rather than just to the Governor-declared 1987 fire disaster.

Chapter 941, Statutes of 1999

SB 1303* (Solis-D) Unemployment compensation benefits: freezing weather

Increases from $25 to $200 the amount of earnings that an unemployment insurance recipient may keep before benefits are reduced because of those earnings. This change applies to individuals laid off as a direct result of freezing weather in December 1998, and whose continued unemployment is due to the freezing weather. Repeals itself on August 7, 1999.

Chapter 9, Statutes of 1999

AB 113* (Florez-D) Agricultural disasters

Enacts the Agricultural Economic Disaster Act of 1999 which requires the State Emergency Plan be revised to respond to agriculture-related disasters and requires the director of Office of Emergency Services to prepare a model agricultural economic disaster preparedness and response local ordinance and gives the Governor certain emergency powers in this regard.

(In Assembly Consumer Protection, Governmental Efficiency, and Economic Development Committee)

AB 114* (Florez-D) Disaster relief: freeze

Provides disaster tax relief to business taxpayers, individual taxpayers and relief to local agencies whose property tax revenues were reduced as a result of a freeze or any other related casualty that occurred in areas of California that were declared disaster areas in the winter of 1998-99.

Chapter 165, Statutes of 1999

AB 724* (Dutra-D) Year 2000 Problem

Declares Year 2000 Problem remediation to be the top information technology priority for all state agencies and makes various changes and additions to current practice and policy in anticipation of potential Year 2000 problem impacts on state governmental operations, as specified.

Chapter 784, Statutes of 1999

AB 762* (Briggs-R) Disasters: Property tax deferral

Provides that the State is to reimburse counties that opt to extend current law property tax deferrals as a result of damages by a major calamity.

Chapter 387, Statutes of 1999

AB 880 (Dutra-D) Emergency services: communications

Requires the State Office of Emergency Services to procure mobile communication translators to enable mutual aid emergency response agencies to communicate while operating on incompatible frequencies.

Chapter 356, Statutes of 1999

AB 1024* (Dutra-D) Disasters: computer dates

Makes it a misdemeanor for any person to sell specified goods or services for 10 percent more than the price charged prior to October 1, 1999, if those items become scarce due to the "Year 2000" Problem.

(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 1105* (Jackson-D) Budget trailer bill: disaster response

Among other provisions, extends the operative date of the Disaster Response-Emergency Operations Account to July 1, 2002, which may be used during specified time periods for needs that are the direct consequences of a declared emergency.

Chapter 67, Statutes of 1999

AB 1122 (Machado-D) Local disaster preparedness

Transfers $10 million annually for five years from the General Fund to the Local Disaster Preparedness Trust Fund to be provided to eligible local agencies for: (1) development of emergency operations plans and response procedures; (2) establishment and upgrade of emergency management facilities; and (3) emergency management and response training, as specified. Establishes the California Preparedness Program Committee to develop regulations for administration of the local disaster preparedness program.

(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 1291 (Corbett-D) Seismic safety

Appropriates $145,000 from the Earthquake Safety and Public Building Rehabilitation Fund of 1990 to the Seismic Safety Commission for research and development purposes.

Chapter 504, Statutes of 1999

ACR 6 (Reyes-D) Agriculture: frost damage

Requests that the California Public Utilities Commission cooperate with public utilities to establish payment deferral programs for citrus growers. Requests that the California Public Utilities Commission authorize utilities to recover (from ratepayers) the programs' administrative costs and uncollected deferred payments.

Resolution Chapter 9, Statutes of 1999

ACR 60 (Corbett-D) Loma Prieta earthquake

Commemorates the 10-year anniversary of Loma Prieta earthquake on October 17, 1991, and urges all California residents and homeowners to engage in appropriate earthquake safety-related activities on an ongoing basis.

Resolution Chapter 96, Statutes of 1999

ACR 87 (Villaraigosa-D) 1999 earthquake in Turkey

Extends the condolences of the Legislature to the Republic of Turkey and to the victims of the August 17, 1999, earthquake and their families. Expresses support for the citizens of Turkey, and urges the citizens of California to give generously to responsible charitable funds and organizations that are supporting relief efforts in the region.

Resolution Chapter 99, Statutes of 1999

AJR 1 (Florez-D) Disaster area: cold storms

Requests the President of the United States to declare the affected portions of California as a federal natural disaster area as a result of the cold storms and consequent frost damage that occurred in December 1998.

Resolution Chapter 2, Statutes of 1999



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