Reductions and Conversions




Reductions and Conversions

SB 320 (Senate Housing and Land Use Committee) Housing and Land Use Omnibus Act of 1997

Consolidates all statutory language on military base redevelopment in one chapter in the Health and Safety Code. Repeals the statutory authority to transfer 50% of the area's redevelopment agencies' low and moderate-income housing funds to a new joint powers agency in order to develop affordable housing for the Los Angeles Air Force Base.

Renumbers the provisions of law relating to the redevelopment of the Alameda Naval Air Station and the Fleet Industrial Supply Center. Repeals a duplicative section of the Health and Safety Code that bans local officials from using redevelopment funds to promote gambling at Tustin Marine Corps Air Station.

Chapter 580, Statutes of 1997

Similar legislation was SB 258 (Lee-D) and SB 488 (Lee-D), which SB 320 incorporated the language of.

SB 538* (Greene-D) Base closure: firefighters employment

Allows local fire protection agencies to give hiring preferences to terminated civilian federal firefighters who have lost employment as a result of the closure of a military base.

Chapter 73, Statutes of 1997

SB 868 (Lee-D) Military base conversion: loans

Enacts the Military Base Conversion Bond Act, which allows the issuance of an unspecified amount of general obligation bonds for the purposes of financing a loan program to local base reuse entities.

(In Senate Governmental Organization Committee)

SB 1172 (Burton-D) Public utilities: base closures

Permits public utilities, at their discretion, to offer discounted electric rates to new California business customers located on military bases designated for closure.

(In Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee)

SJR 5 (Haynes-R) March Air Force Base

Requests the President and Congress to recognize the importance of the Riverside County training center (located at March Air Force Base), and to enact legislation to add public safety projects to the list of programs considered for federal surplus property.

Resolution Chapter 73, Statutes of 1997

AB 3 (Baca-D) Local Agency Military Base Recovery Areas

Increases the number of Local Agency Military Base Recovery Areas (LAMBRA's) from 5 to 10, and extends the maximum life of a LAMBRA from 8 years to 15 years. Makes other changes in the law in order to enhance the effectiveness of the LAMBRA program by increasing the economic viability of communities severely impacted by base closure.

(Failed passage in Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee; reconsideration granted)

AB 125 (Pacheco-R) Building standards: closed military bases

Allows more time for buildings located within March Air Force Base to gradually comply with state and local building requirements. Becomes operative only if AB 1071 (Cardoza-D) is also enacted.

Chapter 633, Statutes of 1997

AB 419 (Baca-D) Community colleges: job training

Requires community colleges to create an educational consortium to attract businesses to relocate to close military installations.

(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 638 (Alby-R) McClellan Air Force Base

Requires the Trade and Commerce Agency, as a pilot project, to designate a portion of McClellan Air Force Base as a military service privatization zone upon satisfactory application by a governing body for a 5-year period.

(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 639 (Alby-R) Defense conversion

Enacts the Defense Conversion, Reuse and Retention Omnibus Act to assist communities in closure/retention efforts.

(In Senate Appropriations Committee)

AB 699 (Migden-D) Redevelopment: Treasure Island Conversion Act of 1997

Allows the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to designate the Treasure Island Development Authority as the redevelopment agency for defined property on both Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island.

Chapter 898, Statutes of 1997

AB 797 (Takasugi-R) Mather and McClellan Air Force Bases

Permits the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, by a 4/5 vote, to sell or enter into a lease, conversion or managerial contract including specified areas of county property acquired from the federal government pursuant to the closing of Mather and McClellan Air Force Bases, subject to specified conditions.

Chapter 461, Statutes of 1997

AB 941 (Miller-R) Norton and George Air Force Bases

Permits a joint powers authority (JPA) that is managing the redevelopment of George Air Force Base or Norton Air Force Base under existing law to delegate its development functions to a separate JPA, if at least one of the members of the first JPA is also a member of the other JPA.

Double-joined with AB 125 (Pacheco-R).

(In Senate Housing and Land Use Committee)

AB 1071 (Cardoza-D) Military bases: building standards

Allows for graduated compliance guidelines for buildings when converting military bases to non-military uses, with respect to building and fire safety regulations.

Chapter 645, Statutes of 1997

ACR 61 (Baca-D) Military base closures

Requests the Governor to create a Blue Ribbon Committee on Retention of Military Bases.

(In Assembly Rules Committee)

ACR 62 (Baca-D) Military base retention

Establishes the Blue Ribbon Commission on Military Base Retention organized by the Legislative Analyst to coordinate California's military base retention efforts, as specified.

(On Assembly Inactive File)

AJR 19 (Baca-D) Southwest Defense Complex

Expresses the California Legislature's support for the Southwest Defense Complex (various military facilities in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Utah) to reduce the chances of additional base closures.

Resolution Chapter 60, Statutes of 1997

AJR 27 (Kuykendall-R) Military base closures

Requests the President and Congress to not permit any additional base closures or realignments in California.

(In Assembly Rules Committee)

AJR 29 (Baca-D) Military base closures

Urges the President and Congress to adopt specified guidelines and policies with respect to base realignment and closure legislation.

Resolution Chapter 69, Statutes of 1997

AJR 30 (Baca-D) McClellan Air Force Base

Requests the President and Congress to protect the jobs of the hard-working men and women who serve our country at McClellan Air Force Base, by bringing in private firms to perform work at the facility.

Resolution Chapter 72, Statutes of 1997