Finance and Development




Finance and Development

SB 256 (Lee-D) Homeless and Housing Bond Act of 1997

Enacts the Homeless and Housing Bond Act of 1997 which, if adopted, would authorize, for purposes of existing housing programs, the issuance of general obligation bonds in the amount of $200 million. Provides for submission of the bond act to the voters at the next statewide election.

(In Senate Housing and Land Use Committee)

SB 302* (Costa-D) Tax credits: farmworker housing

Increases the total authorized tax credits for farmworker housing from the current $500,000 annually to $5 million annually, beginning in 1998.

(In Senate Appropriations Committee)

SB 785 (Johnson-R) Cal-Vet loans

Eliminates the requirement for the Veterans Finance Committee of 1943 to annually approve the veteran interest rate on Cal-Vet properties. Requires the committee, instead, to approve the interest rate if it has changed from the previous year. Allows the State Department of Veterans Affairs to use either the capitalization method or the escrow accounting method (impound accounts) for Cal-Vet loans.

Chapter 197, Statutes of 1997

SB 888* (Costa-D) Neighborhood development corporations

Establishes authority for the State Department of Community Services and Development to charter up to 30 neighborhood development corporations. Provides that these entities would be formed in distressed neighborhoods for the purpose of establishing a "focal point of responsibility" for implementing federal welfare reform.

(In Senate Appropriations Committee)

SB 1138 (Johannessen-R) Veterans farm and home purchase program indemnity

Requires all Cal-Vet farm and home loan purchasers to participate in the State Department of Veterans Affairs' Indemnity Fund.

(In Senate Appropriations Committee)

SB 1236 (Johannessen-R) Regional housing needs

Makes changes in the legislative findings and declarations concerning the creation of availability of decent housing and addressing of regional housing needs by state and local government.

(In Senate Housing and Land Use Committee)

SB 1313* (Leslie-R) Disaster assistance loans for housing for farmworkers

Appropriates $1 million from the Special Fund for Economic Uncertainties to the Farmworker Housing Grant Fund for allocation by the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to counties, with first priority to Yuba County, for loans to repair or replace farmworker housing damaged or destroyed by the 1997 floods ($950,000) and administrative costs incurred by HCD to allocate loans ($50,000).

Chapter 104, Statutes of 1997

AB 10 (Ducheny-D) Housing: Farmworker Housing Grant Fund

Appropriates $4 million from the General Fund to the State Department of Housing and Community Development's Farmworker Housing Grant Program.

Chapter 881, Statutes of 1997

AB 168* (Torlakson-D) Tax credit: low-income housing

Increases the amount of low-income housing credits that could be allocated annually by the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, from $35 million to $50 million.

(In Senate Appropriations Committee)

AB 235 (Takasugi-R) California Housing Finance Agency: bonds

Increases the statutory cap on revenue bonds issued by the California Housing Finance Agency that can be outstanding at any one time by $1.4 billion, from the current level of $5.35 billion to $6.75 billion.

Chapter 466, Statutes of 1997

AB 931 (Thomson-D) California Student Cooperative Housing Fund

Creates the California Student Cooperative Housing Act, establishes a fund, and appropriates a $250,000 loan to be used to finance student cooperative housing.

Vetoed by the Governor

AB 941 (Miller-R) Redevelopment: pooling of funds

Allows redevelopment agencies to transfer some of their Low and Moderate Income Housing Funds to a joint powers authority to be spent on affordable housing in other communities.

(In Senate Housing and Land Use Committee)


SB 104 (Craven-R) Veterans' farm and home purchase: mobilehomes

Makes the maximum Veteran' Farm and Home Purchase (Cal-Vet) loan limit of $250,000 applicable to the purchase of a mobilehome in a resident-owned park.

Chapter 154, Statutes of 1997

SB 111 (Craven-R) Mobilehome parks: rules and regulations

Makes void or unenforceable, as specified, any rule or regulation of mobilehome parks that prohibits the installation or use of a video or television antenna, including a satellite dish.

(In Senate Housing and Land Use Committee)

SB 259 (Haynes-R) Mobilehome parks: attachment and installation

Allows manufactured homes and mobilehomes installed on permanent foundation systems to be registered and titled as personal property.

Chapter 423, Statutes of 1997

SB 384* (Craven-R) Housing: manufactured homes and mobilehomes

Extends, from July 1, 1997 to January 1, 1998, the deadline for a joint legislative advisory task force to report to the Legislature on manufactured and mobilehome transfer (resale) disclosure statements.

Chapter 71, Statutes of 1997

SB 399 (Kelley-R) Mobilehomes

Provides that the specified time periods covering procedures for management of a mobilehome park to obtain a judgment of abandonment of a mobilehome and conduct a public sale of the mobilehome and its contents be tabled until any of specified events occurs if the homeowner files for bankruptcy.

(In Senate Judiciary Committee)

SB 484 (Craven-R) Mobilehomes

Clarifies legislative intent that senior citizens may have a caregiver live with them in senior-restricted mobilehome parks. Allows adult relatives to live with seniors if the adult relative needed live-in care. Adds the term "resident-owned" to sections of Article 9 of the Mobilehome Residency Law, inadvertently left out last session.

Chapter 72, Statutes of 1997

SB 485 (Craven-R) Mobilehome parks: inspections

Extends, until January 1, 2009, the mobilehome inspection program. Specifies that the enforcement agency shall not look to park management to enforce violations made by mobilehome owners.

(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

SB 801 (Craven-R) Mobilehomes: affordable housing

Includes mobilehomes and spaces occupied by mobilehomes within the definition of "multi-family units"; states that a mobilehome park is deemed to be a rental housing development, if its construction is assisted by a redevelopment agency's low and moderate-income housing fund; and specifies how such a mobilehome park's affordable rent is calculated.

(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

SCA 2 (O'Connell-D) Mobilehome park rent stabilization

Amends the California Constitution to provide that cities and counties, as specified, may enact, amend or repeal a mobilehome rent stabilization ordinance.

(In Senate Judiciary Committee)

AB 275 (Papan-D) Mobilehomes: notice

Requires the notice concerning the nature of the zoning and use permit under which the mobilehome park operates to also be given to each homeowner on an annual basis; requires the notice to include the name, address and telephone number of the lessor, if any; and makes clarifying changes.

(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

AB 591 (Aguiar-R) Mobilehome Residency Law

Raises, from up to $500 to up to $2,000, the existing discretionary penalty which courts may assess against mobilehome park managers for willful violation of the Mobilehome Residency Law; and makes this penalty in addition to the award of plaintiff's actual damages.

Chapter 141, Statutes of 1997

AB 672 (Honda-D) Mobilehome parks: mobilehome transfers

Prohibits mobilehome park management from requiring repairs or improvements to the park space or property owned by the management, when a mobilehome is sold and remains in the mobilehome park, except for damage caused by the actions or negligence of the mobilehome owner or an agent of the homeowner.

Chapter 367, Statutes of 1997

AB 1227 (Granlund-R) Mobilehome parks: landscaping

Requires mobilehome park management to assume responsibility for tree and park driveway maintenance, prohibits residents from planting trees without park management permission, and requires management to provide adequate refuse dumpsters to residents when requiring them to perform reasonable landscape maintenance. Specifies that management must pay for all costs of maintenance, except as specified.

(In Senate Housing and Land Use Committee)

AB 1478 (Sweeney-D) Mobilehomes and manufactured housing: deficiency judgments

Provides mobilehome owners the same protection against deficiency judgments given to owners of conventional housing and floating homes (houseboats).

(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)


SB 71 (Kelley-R) Redevelopment: Coachella Valley

Establishes the Coachella Valley Redevelopment Affordable Housing Pilot Project, which would allow the 10 redevelopment agencies in the Coachella Valley to transfer their redevelopment housing funds to other jurisdictions and receive credit for meeting their share of the region's housing need.

(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

SB 219 (Rosenthal-D) Property taxation: purchase by nonprofit organization

Expands the authority of nonprofit organizations to purchase properties that have been tax defaulted for more than 5 years to include purchase of multi-family housing. Authorizes nonprofit organizations to rent to, or otherwise use to serve low-income persons, tax-defaulted property they have bought and rehabilitated.

Chapter 477, Statutes of 1997

SB 254 (Lee-D) Common Interest Development Brochure

Requires the State Department of Real Estate to publish and sell a "Common Interest Development Brochure."

(In Senate Housing and Land Use Committee)

SB 255* (Lee-D) Armories: homeless shelters

Reinstates, until March 15, 1999, an existing provision of law, which sunsetted on March 15, 1997, that requires the State Military Department to make specified state armories available to cities and counties as emergency shelters for homeless persons during certain periods of cold weather.

Chapter 716, Statutes of 1997

SB 257 (Lee-D) Redevelopment: low-and moderate-income housing

Establishes a pilot program that allows a redevelopment agency to provide police officers with a specified down payment to encourage purchasing homes in areas with high rates of criminal activity.

Chapter 42, Statutes of 1997

SB 294 (Monteith-R) Land use: subdivisions: taxes and assessments

Authorizes the county tax collector to draw upon a specified cash deposit to pay special taxes or assessments when they are due and payable. Allows a waiver of the requirement to secure the payment of estimated taxes or special assessments for final parcel maps of 4 or fewer parcels and lot line adjustments.

Chapter 480, Statutes of 1997

SB 319 (Burton-D) Title insurance

Requires that title insurance policies be assumable by a re-financer of real property.

(Failed passage on Assembly Floor)

SB 320 (Senate Housing and Land Use Committee) Housing and Land Use Omnibus Act of 1997

Enacts the Housing and Land Use Omnibus Act of 1997 which combines 29 relatively minor, noncontroversial, statutory changes relating to housing, land use and redevelopment topics into a single measure.

Chapter 580, Statutes of 1997

SB 327* (Greene-D) Criminal history information: access by housing authorities

Provides that the existing program, which sunsets on November 30, 1997 and allows public housing authorities to obtain summary criminal histories of residents, will be extended indefinitely, with specified changes.

Chapter 105, Statutes of 1997

SB 338 (Karnette-D) Contracts: rental purchases

Makes clarifying, technical changes (corrects erroneous cross-references) to the Karnette Rental-Purchase Act, which was enacted in 1994.

Chapter 112, Statutes of 1997

SB 339 (Sher-D) Housing: construction: liability

Provides that any person who builds, develops, constructs, or supervises the construction of specified residential projects shall be licensed as a general building contractor at all times during construction. Authorizes the managing association of a common interest development to bring an action on behalf of its members under specified conditions. Specifies legislative intent to overturn the holding in the case of Morris v. Horton (1994).

(In Senate Judiciary Committee)

SB 414 (Maddy-R) Real estate contracts

Provides that parties to a real estate contract who bring claims based upon specified patent or latent deficiencies are subject to unspecified mandatory mediation provisions.

(In Senate Judiciary Committee)

SB 487 (Lee-D) Families Moving to Work Program

Renames the existing Family Housing Demonstration Program as the Families Moving to Work Program, which becomes operative only if an appropriation is made for its purposes in the Budget Act of 1997 or in another statute enacted during the first calendar year of the 1997-98 Regular Session. Makes other substantive changes to the existing Family Housing Demonstration Program to implement the provisions of the bill.

(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

SB 488 (Lee-D) Redevelopment: low and moderate-income housing funds

Revises the conditions under which a redevelopment agency can transfer money from its Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund to another jurisdiction.

(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

SB 548 (Solis-D) Residential dwellings

Requires a landlord of a dwelling unit to install and maintain operable deadbolt locks on exterior doors of the unit and to install and maintain operable window locks for windows and sliding glass doors.

Chapter 537, Statutes of 1997

SB 558 (Leslie-R) Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Adjusts the amount of funds permitted for use in planning and administration of the federal Low-Income Energy Assistance Program. Requires that the State Department of Community Services and Development apply for specific weatherization allocation waivers. Provides discretion regarding specific aspects of the program to local providers.

Chapter 823, Statutes of 1997

SB 562 (Alpert-D) Subdivision Map Act: housing: security

Provides that after required subdivision improvements are completed, local officials shall release any letter of credit, as specified.

Chapter 124, Statutes of 1997

SB 589 (Hughes-D) Unruh Act: home improvements: at-risk buyers

Establishes procedures which a seller must follow in retail installment contracts involving home improvements.

Vetoed by the Governor

SB 636 (Calderon-D) Real property

Provides that the original developer of a residence, sold after January 1, 1998, is required to provide the original buyer with specified information; specifies liability and remedies.

(In Senate Judiciary Committee)

SB 665 (Johnson-R) Real property

Omnibus bill sponsored by the California Trustees' Association. Amends the laws relating to trustees and foreclosure proceedings.

Chapter 74, Statutes of 1997

SB 682 (Sher-D) Landlord-tenant

Enacts provisions that would allow a tenant to provide written notification to the landlord of the tenant's intention to terminate the tenancy in cases where the landlord gave the tenant less than 60 days' notice of a rent increase.

Vetoed by the Governor

SB 795 (Kopp-I) Real estate loans: mortgage loan broker requirements

Makes changes in the licensing and regulation of real estate brokers to increase state oversight and disclosure by brokers.

Chapter 540, Statutes of 1997

SB 846 (Mountjoy-R) Veterans farm and home purchase program

Revises the eligibility and security requirements for Cal-Vet loans.

Chapter 156, Statutes of 1997

SB 909 (Lee-D) Neighborhood Family Services Organization Act

Establishes the Neighborhood Family Services Organization Act to institute 6 pilot neighborhood family service organizations in selected inner city communities, to consolidate and improve the quality of health, education, public safety, economic and other programs within the community.

(In Senate Health and Human Services Committee)

SB 948 (Hayden-D) Real property: power of termination

Provides that expiration of a power of termination pursuant to the Marketable Record Title Act will not prohibit the enforcement of a restriction that is also a "covenant running with the land."

Vetoed by the Governor

SB 1010 (Vasconcellos-D) Housing: common interest developments

Requires judicial arbitration of all at-issue civil actions in superior and municipal court which involve the construction of a common interest development, regardless of the amount in controversy.

(Failed passage in Senate Judiciary Committee)

SB 1040 (Maddy-R) Building standards: fire safety

Clarifies the requirements for low-level exit sign standards adopted by the State Fire Marshal.

Chapter 871, Statutes of 1997

SB 1109 (Costa-D) Housing: rent control

Provides that an owner who establishes a rental rate that is equal to, or less than, the existing maximum permissible rent level shall not be deemed to have established an initial rental rate and shall remain entitled to establish the initial rental rate after a qualifying vacancy, as specified. Provides that an owner who establishes an initial rental rate in any amount which exceeds the maximum permissible rent level that otherwise could be charged at the time of the re-rental pursuant to local law, shall be deemed to have established that initial rental rate. Provides that an owner who establishes an initial rental rate prior to January 1, 1999, shall notify the incoming tenant in writing of the maximum permissible rent level at the time of the hiring of the unit or dwelling.

(In Senate Judiciary Committee)

SB 1156 (Costa-D) Multi-family rental housing

Enacts the "Affordable Rental Housing Supply Act of 1997." Prohibits a city or county from enacting a zoning or development regulation or ordinance after 1997 that renders the development of multi-family rental housing infeasible, except under specified conditions, and applies those restrictions to pre-1998 regulations at the time the housing element of the general plan is next reviewed.

(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

SB 1174* (Vasconcellos-D) Housing

Allows the State Department of General Services to negotiate a lease of up to 20 years to provide emergency housing services with a non-profit agency currently providing such services on a closed developmental center campus.

(Failed passage on Assembly Floor; on Assembly Inactive File)

SB 1251 (Calderon-D) Fair employment and housing

Eliminates the $50,000 cap on total damages and administrative fines that may by awarded by the Fair Employment and Housing Commission against, or imposed upon, a person, employer, or other covered entity for unlawful employment discrimination practices. Allows prevailing parties in commission actions to collect expert witness fees as part of costs.

(On Assembly Inactive File)

SR 10 (Lee-D) Common interest developments

Provides for the Chair of the Senate Committee on Housing and Land Use to form a working group to review the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act.


SB 6X (Ayala-D) Veterans farm and home purchases: Disaster Indemnity Fund

Increases the amount of the deductibles on flood and earthquake claims under the Farm and Purchases Act (Cal-Vet) home loan program, as specified, and specifies the perils covered under the Disaster Indemnity Fund.

Chapter 6, Statutes of 1997

AB 67* (Escutia-D) Social services

Contains the omnibus social services bill which, among numerous other provisions, requires that cities or counties which use National Guard armories as homeless shelters reimburse the State Military Department for specified costs.

Chapter 606, Statutes of 1997

AB 92 (Figueroa-D) Low-income housing credit: California Tax Credit Allocation

Changes the status of the 2 local government members on the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC) from non-voting to voting. Revises the current appeal process for the CTCAC, and requires the CTCAC to provide at least a 60-day public notice period prior to the application filing deadlines and whenever the qualified allocation plan is amended.

(On Senate Inactive File)

AB 108 (Morrow-R) Shake Roof Replacement Bond Act of 1998

Authorizes a measure to be placed on the June 1998 ballot for voter approval of an unspecified amount of general obligation bond authority to establish the Shake Roof Replacement Bond Act of 1998 for financing loans to replace shake roofs with fire retardant roofs. Gives priority to low-interest homeowners, as specified.

(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 109* (Kaloogian-R) Tax deduction: roof replacement

Provides a tax deduction to a homeowner for the cost of replacing an existing roof with one with a higher fire resistance rating.

(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 242* (Honda-D) Emergency homeless shelters

Appropriates $1,062,360 to the Emergency Housing and Assistance Program to help counties pay for operating state armories for homeless shelters.

Chapter 715, Statutes of 1997

AB 257 (Villaraigosa-D) Fair employment and housing

Moves the provisions prohibiting employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation from the Labor Code to the Fair Employment and Housing Act, and in so doing, codifies case law which prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Vetoed by the Governor

AB 308 (Leonard-R) Commercial bribery: real estate sales

Creates a new commercial bribery crime so that either an employee of a title insurer, underwritten title company or controlled escrow company who offers a bribe, or the real estate agent who accepts the bribe, is guilty of commercial bribery, with criminal penalties.

Chapter 718, Statutes of 1997

AB 358 (House-R) Employee Housing Act: inspections

Gives owners or operators of employee housing, operating in more than1 county, the option of having his or her employee housing inspected only by the State Department of Housing and Community Development, upon advance written notice.

Vetoed by the Governor

AB 359 (House-R) Employee Housing Act

Requires every occupant of employee housing to properly use the facilities as furnished and to comply with the relevant maintenance and sanitation provisions of the Employee Housing Act. Provides that the Employee Housing Act provisions related to enforcement of the act do not apply to this bill's provisions.

Chapter 49, Statutes of 1997

AB 438 (Torlakson-D) Adequate housing sites and regional housing needs

Amends the general plan/housing element law to reinstate a requirement to provide an annual report to the State Department of Housing and Community Development; extends various deadlines for revising housing elements; and allows cities and counties to count rehabilitated housing units made available to low-income households, as specified, when identifying adequate sites.

(In Senate Housing and Land Use Committee)

AB 442 (Gallegos-D) Real estate loans

Provides that real estate agents who are negotiating real estate loans may satisfy California's real estate loan disclosure requirements by providing borrowers with federally-required loan disclosure forms.

Chapter 245, Statutes of 1997

AB 447 (Kuykendall-R) Real estate

Revises several of the continuing education requirements for licensed real estate brokers, and allows for the suspension of a broker license under specified conditions.

Chapter 232, Statutes of 1997

AB 450 (Torlakson-D) Housing: Relocation Assistance Act

Adjusts the amount of state relocation assistance and the length of time it can be provided to individuals displaced by a public entity acquiring property for a public purpose to make the California Relocation Assistance Act more closely conform to comparable federal law.

Chapter 597, Statutes of 1997

AB 451 (Havice-D) Homestead exemption

Increases, from $100,000 to $125,000, the amount of the homestead exemption for disabled people or people 65 years or older.

Chapter 82, Statutes of 1997

AB 456 (Ducheny-D) Real property: reverse mortgages

Establishes standards for the making and servicing of reverse equity mortgages for seniors.

Chapter 797, Statutes of 1997

AB 468 (Cardoza-D) Liens: commercial leaseholds

Allows a real estate broker to record a lien upon commercial real property to secure payment of an unpaid commission earned for placing a tenant in that commercial property.

(Failed passage in Senate Judiciary Committee; reconsideration granted)

AB 469 (Cardoza-D) Real estate: limited liability companies

Provides for the issuance of real estate broker's licenses to limited liability companies under real estate law. Requires a limited liability real estate company to provide security for claims against it based upon acts, errors, or omissions arising out of licensed activity in California.

(In Senate Judiciary Committee)

AB 474 (Murray-D) Landlord-tenant: eviction

Provides for an expedited process in cases alleging that a tenant or occupant committed a nuisance involving the sale or use of illegal drugs.

(In Assembly Judiciary Committee)

AB 594 (Torlakson-D) Liability: construction defects: insurance defense

Revises the procedures and timeline for the pre-litigation process in construction defect suits ("SB 1029 process") designed to encourage settlement of such suits between a builder of a common interest development and a homeowners' association.

Vetoed by the Governor

AB 630 (Richter-R) Tenancies: unclaimed personal property: unlawful detainer

Increases, from $300 to $400, the worth of unclaimed personal property a landlord is authorized to retain. Requires the answer to a complaint in an unlawful detainer action or proceeding to include a specific denial of the material allegations of the complaint.

(In Assembly Judiciary Committee)

AB 669 (Wright-D) Real property: foreclosure

Intended to strengthen protections under the Home Equity Sales Contract Act and Mortgage Foreclosure Consultants Act to protect homeowners whose homes are being foreclosed. Allows an indefinite cooling off period in home equity sales and foreclosure consulting services, requires the court to award 3 times the homeowner's actual damages for the violation of specified provisions by a foreclosure consultant, and clarifies that a transfer of property during the cooling off period is prohibited in home equity sales contracts with an option to repurchase.

Chapter 50, Statutes of 1997

AB 699 (Migden-D) Redevelopment: Treasure Island Conversion Act of 1997

Allows the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors to designate the Treasure Island Development Authority as the redevelopment agency for defined property on both Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island.

Chapter 898, Statutes of 1997

AB 707 (Ackerman-R) Real property: restrictions

Amends sections of the Civil Code relating to the law of property to reflect modern practice and sets time limits on the validity and enforcement of restrictions imposed on privately owned land, as specified.

(Failed passage in Assembly Judiciary Committee; reconsideration granted)

AB 746 (Miller-R) Liability

Defines more specifically a "construction defect" as it relates to liability and reduces the statute of limitations for most latent construction defects from 10 years to 6 years.

(In Assembly Judiciary Committee)

AB 754 (Kuykendall-R) Real property: sales of series of notes

Moves the regulation of sales of 10 or less notes secured by a single piece of real property from the State Department of Corporations, placing it instead under the State Department of Real Estate. Codifies the State Department of Corporations' regulations for these kinds of sales in the Business and Professions Code for application by the State Department of Real Estate.

Chapter 392, Statutes of 1997

AB 759 (McClintock-R) Real estate: subdivisions

Exempts, with respect to regulation of sales of subdivided lands, the sale of undivided interest in unimproved land to 25 or fewer persons if certain conditions are met.

(In Assembly Local Government Committee)

AB 887 (Ortiz-D) Firearms: insurance study

Requires insurers to provide data to the Insurance Commissioner on firearms and injuries, and requires insurers to send a designated notice to policyholders of homeowners insurance.

(In Assembly Insurance Committee)

AB 942 (Miller-R) Buildings: CPVC piping

Makes changes to existing law related to the use of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) piping within California.

(Failed passage in Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 943 (Washington-D) Buildings in violation of the State Housing Law

Allows building officials to demolish vacant, single-family dwellings in the City of Los Angeles, that are more than 50% deteriorated and for which repair is not economically feasible.

Chapter 55, Statutes of 1997

AB 1025 (Torlakson-D) Common interest developments: assessments

Allows common interest development boards to record information about community associations in order to facilitate collection of unpaid assessments.

Chapter 181, Statutes of 1997

AB 1071 (Cardoza-D) Housing: building standards

Streamlines and clarifies the process for updating and publishing state amendments to national model codes, and makes technical, non-substantive changes to the State Housing Law. Allows for graduated compliance guidelines for buildings when converting military bases to non-military uses, with respect to building and fire safety regulations.

Chapter 645, Statutes of 1997

AB 1213 (Miller-R) Home improvement contractors

Establishes a certification program for home improvement contractors, licensed by the Contractor's State License Board, until January 1, 2004.

Chapter 888, Statutes of 1997

AB 1268 (Granlund-R) Common interest developments: motorcycles

Provides that a common interest development's governing documents cannot prohibit residents or homeowners from using motorcycles to travel to their residences within the development.

(Failed passage in Senate Housing and Land Use Committee)

AB 1309 (Machado-D) Liability insurance: construction defects

Provides that a general liability insurance policy issued to a contractor or real estate developer may not cover any injury or progressive damage that results from a defect in construction that was reported to or discovered by the contractor or developer prior to issuance of the policy.

(In Assembly Insurance Committee)

AB 1516 (Vincent-D) Real estate brokers: licensing

Allows real estate licensees to act on behalf of title insurers and to be compensated for doing so.

(In Assembly Insurance Committee)

AB 1527 (Brown-D) Subdivision Map Act: Napa County

Allows Napa County to adopt ordinances that, as a condition of issuing development permits, require the merger of an undeveloped substandard parcel into a contiguous parcel if both parcels have the same owner on and after January 1, 1998.

Chapter 837, Statutes of 1997

AB 1585 (Aroner-D) National Guard armories

Extends the sunset date for the National Guard Armory Temporary Emergency Shelter Program for 2 more years, until March 15, 1999.

(On Assembly Inactive File)

AB 1592 (Leonard-R) Renters' credit: suspension

Suspends the renters' credit under the Personal Income Tax Law until January 1, 1998.

Chapter 292, Statutes of 1997

AB 1615* (Papan-D) Land use: Subdivision Map Act: tentative maps

Extends the expiration date of tentative maps.

(In Assembly Local Government Committee)

AB 1616* (Lempert-D) Security window bars

Prohibits (1) the sale of any residential real estate with security window bars that do not meet state and local requirements; (2) the renting or leasing of any units of residential property that have window security bars with no safety releases; and (3) the sale of window security bars which do not have safety releases.

(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

AJR 16 (Baca-D) Equal housing: disabled persons

Requests the President and Congress to study the impact of the federal Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 on local governments, and to evaluate how well the act is assisting individuals with disabilities.

Resolution Chapter 75, Statutes of 1997

AJR 35 (Aguiar-R) Department of Housing and Urban Development: foreclosure

Memorializes Congress and the President to make specified changes in the policies by which the Department of Housing and Urban Development handles foreclosure properties.

(In Assembly Rules Committee)

AB 6X (Torlakson-D) Real estate: disclosures

Requires a seller and/or the seller's agent to provide prospective buyers a "Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement" disclosing whether the residence in question is located within a specified natural hazard zone.

Chapter 7, Statutes of 1997-98, First Extraordinary Session

AB 8X* (Martinez-D) Disaster relief: supplemental relief: tax amnesty

Establishes the Supplemental Individual Assistance Program Account in the Natural Disaster Assistance Fund for a grant program for individuals with specified low-income levels to cover damages caused to residential or personal property by a natural disaster. Requires the State Franchise Tax Board and the State Board of Equalizationto conduct a tax penalty amnesty program.

(In Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee)