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SB 126 (Dunn-D) Tustin Marine Corps Air Station

Requires the City of Tustin, as the local reuse entity, or the Tustin Community Redevelopment Agency, prior to entering into or enforcing any contract regarding the development of, or prior to conveying any property within, the area comprising the air station, to find, based on substantial evidence in the record, that the air station reuse plan include certain conveyances of property to the Santa Ana Unified School District and the Rancho Santiago Community College District. Requires that finding as a condition of entering into or enforcing any contract regarding the development of, or prior to conveying any property within, the area comprising the air station.

(Died on Senate Unfinished Business File)

Similar legislation was SB 1142 (Dunn-D), which was held in Senate Local Government Committee and AB 2934 (Correa-D), which died in Senate Local Government Committee.

SB 376 (Ortiz-D) Declining enrollment: military bases

Allows a loan to certain school districts that experience a decline in average daily attendance due to military base closures. Helps, basically, the Elverta Joint Elementary School District, located north of Sacramento, which has lost pupils due to the closure of McClellan Air Force Base.

Chapter 581, Statutes of 2000

SB 952 (McPherson-R) Fort Ord Reuse Authority

Appropriates $5.5 million to the Fort Ord Reuse Authority for base use infrastructure, the prevention of wildfires, and endangered species conservation.

(Died in Senate Local Government Committee)

SB 1538 (Knight-R) Military base reuse

Extends, by six years, existing provisions of law scheduled to sunset on January 1, 2001, pertaining to "local reuse entities" for military bases that have closed in the state. Makes a technical change to a provision of law governing the appointment of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces to the California Defense Retention and Conversion Council.

Chapter 769, Statutes of 2000

SB 2041 (Chesbro-D) Mare Island

Establishes, until January 1, 2011, the Mare Island Utility District with the former federal facility, Mare Island Naval Shipyard.

Chapter 772, Statutes of 2000

SB 2049* (Perata-D) Alameda Naval Air Station

Enacts the Naval Air Station Alameda Public Trust Exchange Act which allows the State Lands Commission to carry out an exchange of public trust lands within the Naval Air Station property.

Chapter 734, Statutes of 2000

SB 2117 (Johnson-R) Tustin Marine Corps Air Station

Authorizes the City of Tustin and the Tustin Community Redevelopment Agency to negotiate and award design and build contracts, notwithstanding certain competitive bidding requirements, for various improvements that support redevelopment at the Tustin Marine Corps Air Station, if the contracts are entered into within seven years after the execution of a deed or lease in furtherance of the conveyance by the U.S. Department of Defense to the city or the Tustin Community Redevelopment Agency of the property on which the improvements will be located.

Vetoed by the Governor

AB 774 (Cardoza-D) Castle Air Force Base

Establishes the County of Merced as the local base reuse authority for Castle Air Force Base.

Chapter 290, Statutes of 2000

AB 950 (Thomson-D) Travis Air Force Base

Extends the sunset date, from January 1, 2001 to January 1, 2006, on the law allowing the creation of a joint powers agency to provide housing for the retention of Travis Air Force Base.

Chapter 469, Statutes of 2000

AB 960 (Alquist-D) Moffett Field

Requires the State Trade and Commerce Agency to enter into an agreement with the NASA Ames Research Complex at Moffett Field upon the request of the complex, to establish the Center for California Business of the Future.

(Died in Assembly Consumer Protection, Governmental Efficiency, and Economic Development Committee)

AB 1479 (Bates-R) El Toro Military Base

Enacts the El Toro Development Authority Act, which allows the County of Orange and the City of Irvine to establish the El Toro Development Authority as a joint powers agency that would be the single local reuse authority for Marine Corps Air Station El Toro military base.

(Died in Assembly Local Government Committee)

AB 1539 (Vincent-D) School finance: base closure

Makes a school district that received less federal impact aid for the 1998 federal fiscal year than it received for the 1996 federal fiscal year, as a result of the closure of a facility operated by a branch of the United States Armed Forces in that school district's boundaries, eligible to apply to the State Department of Education for a grant in an amount equal to the amount of the decrease in federal impact aid received, with the amount of the grant decreasing by 25 percent in each of the following three fiscal years (2000-01, 2001-02, and 2002-03).

(Died in Assembly Education Committee)

AB 1544* (Calderon-D) Norton Air Force Base

Authorizes county service areas, the Inland Valley Development Agency, and municipal water districts to establish sewer and water supply facilities on specified lands related to development of certain territory within the Norton Air Force Redevelopment Project Area without approval by other agencies, except as specified. Exempts water and sewer services, as specified, in that redevelopment project area from a requirement for the payment of just compensation for private utility property taken for public purposes.

Chapter 129, Statutes of 2000

AB 1556 (Correa-D) El Toro Marine Corps Air Station

Prohibits LAFCO in Orange County from approving any proposal including the annexation to a city of any part of the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station until transfer of fee title of that territory to the local redevelopment authority has occurred or until January 1, 20007, whichever occurs first.

(Died in Senate Appropriations Committee)

AB 1588* (Florez-D) Military activities

Requires the State Office of Planning and Research (OPR) to prepare and develop guidelines relative to the need to fully document the environmental impact of a proposed project on state and federal military activities. Requires OPR to make recommendations to the secretary on proposed changes to the guidelines on or before July 1, 2001.

(Died in Senate Environmental Quality Committee)

AB 2008 (Assembly Housing And Community Development Committee) Mather Air Force Base

Repeals obsolete special provisions for the redevelopment of the former Mather Air Force Base.

Chapter 471, Statutes of 2000

AB 2361 (Campbell-R) Military base closure: school attendance

Makes each school district that has been affected by a military base closure in the district's boundaries, on or after 1996, to be eligible for certain funds established pursuant to a prescribed calculation.

(Died in Senate Education Committee)

AB 2390 (Keeley-D) Military base closure: city subventions

Requires that, in computing gasoline tax allocations and vehicle license fee allocations for any city that lost population as a result of the closure of a military base resulting from federal base realignment and closure, the State Controller to use the population figure upon which the 1999 state subvention payments were made until the city's actual population exceeds that population or until a new population is determined by the 2010 federal census.

(Died in Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 2838 (Hertzberg-D) Norton Air Force Base

Revises provisions relative to the local agency formation commission law. Provides, among these provisions, that a determination of a city's sphere of influence that enables any of the Norton Air Force Redevelopment Project area shall not preclude any other local agency from providing facilities or services related to development.

Chapter 761, Statutes of 2000



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