Note: * Denotes Urgency or Tax Levy Legislation.

Common Interest Developments

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SB 752 (Roth-D) Commercial and industrial common interest developments

Separates the laws governing commercial and industrial common interest developments (CIDs) from the laws governing residential CIDs and generally makes the operational provisions of current CID law inapplicable to commercial and industrial CIDs.
Chapter 605, Statutes of 2013

AB 569 (Chau-D) Real property: divided lands

Authorizes the sale or lease of an individual interest in a defined stock cooperative or limited housing cooperative that is subject to a blanket encumbrance if specified conditions are met. Exempts a stock cooperative with bylaws that provide that all members and shareholders automatically become directors of the homeowners' association from the procedures applicable to the election of directors of the homeowners' association.
(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

AB 968 (Gordon-D) Common interest developments: elections

Allows a common interest development with 15 or fewer interests to exempt itself from the election provisions of the Davis-Stirling Act and follow minimal procedures as specified.
(In Senate Transportation and Housing Committee)

AB 1360 (Torres-D) Common interest developments: electronic voting

Authorizes a common interest development to conduct elections by electronic voting, as specified, and enacts related provisions. Requires a common interest development, if electronic voting is to be conducted, to provide each member with an opportunity to indicate that he/she will be voting electronically and to provide ballots, as specified. Requires the electronic balloting service provider to retain the ballot data until the time allowed for challenging the election has expired.
(In Senate Judiciary Committee)

Finance and Development

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SB 1 (Steinberg-D) Sustainable Communities Investment Authority

Allows a local government to establish a Sustainable Communities Investment Authority and direct tax increment revenues to that Authority in order to address blight by supporting development in transit priority project areas, small walkable communities, and clean energy manufacturing sites. Provides that an Authority that collects tax increment revenues must dedicate no less than 25% of the allocated tax increment for affordable housing purposes.
(On Senate Inactive File)

SB 133 (DeSaulnier-D) Redevelopment

Makes various reforms to the activities of redevelopment agencies in fulfilling requirements to increase, preserve and improve low- and moderate-income housing.
(On Senate Inactive File)

SB 341 (DeSaulnier-D) Redevelopment

Revises the requirements governing expenditures and activities for the entities, termed "housing successors," assuming the housing functions of a former redevelopment agency.
Chapter 796, Statutes of 2013

SB 391* (DeSaulnier-D) California Homes and Jobs Act of 2013

Establishes the California Homes and Jobs Act of 2013 to provide funding for affordable housing. Beginning 1/1/14, imposes a $75 fee on every real estate instrument, paper, or notice that is required or permitted by law, excluding real estate instruments, papers, or notices recorded in connection with a transfer subject to a documentary transfer tax. Allows the money, upon appropriation by the Legislature, to be used to support the development, acquisition, rehabilitation, and preservation of housing affordable to low-and moderate-income households.
(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 423* (Torres-D) Affordable housing projects: enforceable obligation

Authorizes the successor agency of a former redevelopment agency in specified larger communities to enter into a new enforceable obligation and divert property tax increment revenues to complete a qualifying future phase of an affordable housing project, as specified.
(In Senate Appropriations Committee)

AB 523 (Ammiano-D) Department of Housing and Community Development: loans

Allows the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to reduce the interest rate on any loan it has issued to a rental housing development to as low as 0.42% per annum, or a rate determined by HCD that is sufficient to cover the costs of project monitoring, whichever is greater. Requires the development have no other debt with regularly scheduled or amortizing debt service payments, to utilize low-income housing tax credits, and provide evidence acceptable to HCD that demonstrates that the loan is not eligible to be treated as debt for federal or state low income housing tax credit purposes without a reduction in the interest rate of the loan.
(On Senate Inactive File)

AB 532* (Gordon-D) Local Housing Trust Fund

Deletes provisions requiring the reversion of funds in the Local Housing Trust Fund Matching Grant Program to the Self-Help Housing Fund for expenditure in the CalHome Program, and makes specified changes to the Local Housing Trust Fund Program. Specifies that funds be continuously available for encumbrance and disbursement to housing trust funds, and requires the Department of Housing and Community Development to issue a Notice of Funding Availability for new trusts, as defined, by 6/30/14.
Chapter 769, Statutes of 2013

AB 564 (Mullin-D) Community redevelopment: successor agencies

Prohibits the Department of Finance from altering or reversing specified enforceable obligations or real estate transactions after those enforceable obligations or real estate transactions are approved by an oversight board and the Department, except for an amendment to an enforceable obligation initiated by a successor agency.

AB 637 (Atkins-D) Housing assistance

Allows the California Housing Finance Agency to make Residential Development Loan Program loans available for the development of rental housing in addition to ownership housing.
Chapter 770, Statutes of 2013

AB 639* (John A. Pérez-D) Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2014

Authorizes the issuance of $600 million in general obligation bonds for the acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, and preservation of affordable multifamily supportive housing, affordable multifamily transitional housing, or related facilities for veterans and their families, if approved by the voters at the June 3, 2014, primary election.
Chapter 727, Statutes of 2013

AB 745 (Levine-D) Land use: housing element

Authorizes a city or county to request the appropriate council of governments to adjust a housing density the council deemed appropriate if it is inconsistent with the city's or county's existing housing density.
(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

AB 873 (Chau-D) Housing: emergency housing and assistance funding

Establishes new eligible uses and priorities for funding under the Emergency Housing and Assistance Program, with an added focus on providing permanent supportive housing for homeless families and individuals.
Chapter 488, Statutes of 2013

AB 952* (Atkins-D) Low-income housing tax credits

Allows the Tax Credit Allocation Committee to allocate state low-income housing tax credits to housing projects in federally designated areas in which it is difficult to develop housing as long as the housing built is restricted so that 50% of the occupants will be special needs households.
Chapter 771, Statutes of 2013

AB 981 (Bloom-D) Redevelopment dissolution

Extends, from 1/1/11 to 6/28/11, the date by which an entity that has assumed the housing functions in the winding down of redevelopment can designate the use of, and commit, indebtedness obligation proceeds that were issued for affordable housing purposes. Allows, upon the issuance of a finding of completion by the Department of Finance, a successor agency to use redevelopment bond proceeds issued between 1/1/11 and 6/28/11.
(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 1051 (Bocanegra-D) Housing

Establishes the Sustainable Communities for All Program, to begin operations on 1/1/15, with the goal of equitably implementing SB 375 (Steinberg-D, Chapter 728, Statutes of 2008) by providing transportation and housing choices that allow lower-income Californians to drive less and reduce household costs.
(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 1080 (Alejo-D) Community Revitalization and Investment Authorities

Authorizes local entities, either individually or collaboratively and excluding schools and successor agencies, to form a Community Revitalization and Investment Authority. Requires participating entities to direct property tax increment revenues to the Authority to invest in improvements in specified project areas that are characterized by low household income, high unemployment and crime, and deteriorated public infrastructure and structures.
(In Senate Appropriations Committee)

AB 1109 (Bonilla-D) Emergency housing and assistance

Deems an Emergency Housing Assistance Program, a Capital Development award recipient, that converts the emergency shelter or transitional housing development to permanent housing that serves people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to be in compliance with the program's loan deferral and forgiveness conditions, as specified.
Chapter 495, Statutes of 2013

AB 1229 (Atkins-D) Land use: zoning regulations

Authorizes a county or city under the Planning and Zoning Law to establish, as a condition of development, inclusionary housing requirements, which may require the provision of affordable residential units for low, very low, or extremely low-income owners or tenants. Declares the intent of the Legislature to supersede any holding or dicta in Palmer v. City of Los Angeles that conflicts with this authority.

AB 1343 (Bonilla-D) Local government: general plan: housing element

Requires a housing element to identify adequate sites for housing, including, but not limited to, rental housing, factory-built housing, mobilehomes, and emergency shelters, and makes adequate provision for the existing and projected needs of all economic segments of the community.
(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

Mobilehomes/Manufactured Housing

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SB 180 (Roth-D) Mobilehomes: sales: registration cards

Requires mobilehome registration cards to be in two parts, with one part to be retained in the vehicle and the other part, as specified, to be submitted to the operator of the mobilehome park, if the vehicle is located in a mobilehome park.
(In Senate Transportation and Housing Committee)

SB 196 (Cannella-R) Utility rates: mobilehomes and apartment buildings

Allows the management in mobilehome parks and apartments that are master-metered to post, in a conspicuous place, the Internet Web site address of the current utility rate schedule as an alternative to posting the actual rate schedule and specifies that a current utility rate schedule be available to an individual upon request and at no cost.
Chapter 201, Statutes of 2013

SB 510 (Jackson-D) Land use: subdivisions: rental mobilehome park conversion

Authorizes a local agency to disapprove a map to convert a mobilehome park into resident ownership if it finds that the survey results do not demonstrate at least majority support among the homeowners for the conversion. Authorizes local legislative bodies, by ordinance or resolution, to implement the requirement that a subdivider wishing to convert a mobilehome park to resident ownership conduct a survey of support for the proposed conversion and that a local agency may disapprove the map if the survey does not demonstrate majority support among homeowners.
Chapter 373, Statutes of 2013

AB 379 (Brown-D) Manufactured housing: removal

Provides that, notwithstanding any other law, a mobilehome is not a fixture or improvement to real property until specified conditions are completed. Gives the enforcement agency five days to record the document showing that someone has affixed a mobilehome to real property rather than requiring that it record the document the same day it issues the certificate of occupancy. Clarifies that an enforcement agency is to record a specified document with the county recorder in the county where the mobilehome is located.
Chapter 137, Statutes of 2013

AB 692 (Torres-D) Mobilehomes: loans

Changes the name of the Mobilehome Park Purchase Fund to the Mobilehome Park Rehabilitation and Park Purchase Fund and authorizes the Department of Housing and Community Development to provide loans from the fund to the owner of a mobilehome park for the purpose of rehabilitating park infrastructure, including water, sewage, and electrical systems. Specifies that the purpose of these loans is to bring mobilehome parks into compliance with applicable health and safety standards, and requires the Department to consider specified criteria in determining eligibility for, and the amount of, loans made from the fund.
(In Senate Appropriations Committee)

AB 1205 (Wieckowski-D) Mobilehome Residency Law: mediation program

Enacts the Mobilehome Residency Law Mediation Act within the Mobilehome Residency Law to establish a mediation program for alleged violations of the Law, including investigation of alleged violations of the Law and determination and notice of violations, to be administered by an unspecified department.
(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)


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SB 179 (Roth-D) Mortgage loan originators

Exempts from the definition of mortgage loan originator an individual who originates five or fewer residential mortgage loans secured by a manufactured home or mobilehome, as defined, in any 12-consecutive-month period.
(In Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee)

SB 401 (Hueso-D) Administrative practices

Requires the initial statement of reasons for building standards regulations proposed by state agencies to include the estimated cost of compliance, the estimated potential benefits, and the assumptions used to determine these estimates.
Chapter 212, Statutes of 2013

SB 416 (Liu-D) Surplus residential property

Makes a number of changes to the Roberti Act, which governs the sale of surplus property in the State Highway Route 710 corridor, including authorization for the Department of Transportation to sell properties in an "as-is" condition to specified income-qualified persons. Requires the proceeds from the sale of those properties to be deposited into a newly created continuously appropriated fund, rather than the State Highway Account, for purposes of providing repairs to remaining properties until the last property is sold. With respect to market-rate residential sales, gives first priority only to tenants in good standing with all rent current and paid in full, rather than any tenant, and second priority to former occupants who were in good standing at the time they left the home, with priority given to the most recent tenants first, before the home can be offered to purchasers who intend to be owner-occupants.
Chapter 468, Statutes of 2013

SB 488 (Hueso-D) Substandard housing: regulations

Permits the determination of pest infestations and inadequate garbage storage and removal facilities to be made by a local code enforcement officer, as defined, if an agreement for the services of a local health officer does not exist.
Chapter 89, Statutes of 2013

SB 550 (Jackson-D) Accessible housing

Requires the adoption of building standards for inclusion in the next triennial cycle of the California Building Standards Code that double the required amount of units in residential public housing facilities that provide specified mobility and communications accessibility features.
(In Senate Appropriations Committee)

SB 745 (Senate Transportation And Housing Committee) Housing omnibus bill

Makes numerous technical and noncontroversial changes to various housing related statutes, including correcting the term "commercial residential real property" to instead read, "commercial real property," replacing the reference to the National Electrical Code with the California Electrical Code, and deleting an obsolete provision related to eligibility for funding under the Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2002.
Chapter 183, Statutes of 2013

SB 750 (Wolk-D) Building standards: water meters: multiunit structures

Requires, as of 1/1/15, that individual water meters, also called submeters, be installed on all new multifamily residential units or mixed commercial and multifamily units, and requires that landlords bill residents for the increment of water they use. Specifies landlord and tenant rights and obligations.
(Failed passage in Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee; reconsideration granted)

SCR 29 (Liu-D) California Runaway and Homeless Youth Month

Designates the month of November 2013 as California Runaway and Homeless Youth Month and recognizes the need for individuals, schools, communities, businesses, local governments, and the state to take action on behalf of runaway and homeless youth in California.
Resolution Chapter 79, Statutes of 2013

AB 42* (Perea-D) Mortgage debt forgiveness

Extends, for one additional taxable year, the tax relief for income generated from the discharge of qualified principal residence indebtedness.
(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 116* (Bocanegra-D) Land use: subdivision maps: expiration dates

Extends by 24 months the expiration date of any tentative map, vesting tentative map, or a parcel map for which a tentative map or vesting map that was approved on or after 1/1/00, and that has not yet expired.
Chapter 62, Statutes of 2013

AB 253 (Levine-D) Floating home marinas

Adds the term "floating home marinas" to the provisions of existing law affecting mobilehome park conversions. Additionally, exempts floating home marinas from the requirement of the filing of a tentative and final map for all subdivisions creating five or more condominiums, if at least two-thirds of the owners of floating homes who are tenants have applied, as specified, for a waiver, mirroring existing law that pertains to mobilehome parks; and exempts from the notice of intention requirement the purchase of a floating home marina by a nonprofit corporation.
Chapter 432, Statutes of 2013

AB 325 (Alejo-D) Land use and planning: cause of actions

Removes from the current list of city or county actions that a party may challenge pursuant to the Government Code (GOV) Section 65009 notice and accrual provision those actions related to the Housing Accountability Act, the Subdivision Map Act, and the application of a Density Bonus ordinance to a particular project, all of which are project-specific actions. Maintains the ability to use the notice and accrual provision to challenge the adequacy of a city's or county's density bonus ordinance generally. Revises the statute of limitations provisions of GOV Section 65009 by creating three classes of actions, each with a different time frame for serving a deficiency notice and filing an action. Repeals the ability of a third party to choose to bring an action challenging a city's or county's failure to meet housing element implementation deadlines pursuant to GOV Section 65009.
Chapter 767, Statutes of 2013

AB 341 (Dickinson-D) Green building standards

Requires a code writing agency that proposes green building standards, as part of the next triennial update of the California Building Code, to the extent feasible, to reference or reprint the green building standards in other relevant portions of the Code. With respect to a code writing agency's justification that the public interest requires adoption of a particular building standard, clarifies that the public interest includes, but is not limited to, health and safety, resource efficiency, fire safety, seismic safety, building and building system performance, and consistency with environmental, public health, and accessibility statutes and regulations.
Chapter 585, Statutes of 2013

AB 585 (Fox-D) Homeless veterans' assistance pilot program

Establishes, until 1/1/18, the Homeless Veterans' Housing Assistance Pilot Program, in up to four counties that agree to participate, and provides that the pilot program be administered at the state level by the Department of Veterans' Affairs, in consultation with the Department of Housing and Community Development. Requires the Department of Veterans' Affairs to provide $100,000 to each county for purposes of the pilot program, from which the county will provide a monthly stipend of $500 to eligible homeless veterans.
(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

AB 645 (Torres-D) Dwelling safety: smoke detectors

Deletes the requirement for the State Fire Marshall to approve a fire alarm system or device prior to its being offered for sale, and extends to 1/1/15, the date by which smoke detectors need to have certain features to be approved and listed.
(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

AB 746 (Levine-D) Smoking: prohibition in multifamily dwellings

Prohibits smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products in all new or existing multifamily dwellings except in designated areas. Defines "multifamily dwelling" as residential property containing two or more units with one or more shared walls, floors, ceilings, or ventilation systems. Allows a landlord, property manager, building owner, homeowners association, or other equivalent authority to designate an outdoor smoking area if certain conditions are met. Makes smoking an infraction, beginning 1/1/15, and creates the following enforcement provisions: (1) for a first offense, a tenant will receive a notice in writing that smoking in the unit or enclosed area is prohibited; (2) for a second offense, a tenant will be fined $100, or may enroll in a smoking cessation program offered through the Department of Public Health; and (3) for a third offense, a tenant will be fined up to $200.
(Failed passage in Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee; reconsideration granted)

AB 967 (Hueso-D) Substandard housing: regulations

Authorizes a local enforcement agency, including an environmental agency, housing department, or building department, to make a determination that a dwelling unit is substandard, as specified.
(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

AB 984* (Chau-D) The California Housing Finance Agency

Provides that a California Homebuyer's Downpayment Assistance Program loan shall not be due and payable upon sale of the home if the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) owns or insures the first mortgage loan or if a repayment requirement is otherwise contrary to United States Department of Urban Development regulations governing FHA insured first mortgage loans. Allows California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) to fund any second mortgage loan directly, and allows CalHFA to make a grant to a homebuyer who is seeking a CalHFA first mortgage under the FHA's Energy Efficient Mortgage Program for the purpose of making repairs or improvements to increase energy efficiency in the home. States that CalHFA must fund the cost of the Program through revenues realized from the grantee's first mortgage loan, or securities backed by it, except that CalHFA may provide short term interim funding of the grant to facilitate the transaction.
Chapter 82, Statutes of 2013

AB 998 (Fong-D) Interagency Council on Homelessness

Creates the California Interagency Council on Homelessness and requires various state agencies to meet quarterly to coordinate efforts on homelessness. Creates the Council, whose mission is to construct cross-agency and community cooperation in responding to homelessness, and to identify and apply for increased federal funding to respond to homelessness. Specifies the Council appointments include five state agencies and six other representatives: two from law enforcement or local government, two people who have been homeless, and two stakeholder organization representatives. These six are appointed by the Legislature.
(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 1037 (V. Manuel Pérez-D) Employee Housing Act: agricultural land use

Designates as an agricultural land use any employee housing consisting of no more than 36 beds in a group quarters, 12 units or spaces designed for use by single families or households, or 48 units or spaces operated by a governmental or nonprofit agency and designed for use by single families or households.
(In Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee)

AB 1092 (Levine-D) Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Requires the Building Standards Commission, as part of the next building code adoption cycle, to include mandatory building standards for the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in multifamily dwellings and non-residential developments.
Chapter 410, Statutes of 2013

ACR 32 (Lowenthal-D) Building and Safety Month

Declares May 2013, Building and Safety Month and encourages all local governments to recognize the provisions in city and county government building and safety codes regulating illegal garage conversions as "Aviles Law."
Resolution Chapter 44, Statutes of 2013

HR 13 (Williams-D) Relative to homeless court programs

Encourages county governments to find ways to make homeless courts more accessible, such as allowing people to bring multiple cases to court per year instead of limiting them to one, and allowing fines to be recalled from collection by the county or collections agencies.
(In Assembly Judiciary Committee)

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Note: * Denotes Urgency or Tax Levy Legislation.

Measure and Reference Author Measure Title
SB 1 - Finance and Development Steinberg-D Sustainable Communities Investment Authority
SB 133 - Finance and Development DeSaulnier-D Redevelopment
SB 179 - Miscellaneous Roth-D Mortgage loan originators
SB 180 - Mobilehomes/Manufactured Housing Roth-D Mobilehomes: sales: registration cards
SB 196 - Mobilehomes/Manufactured Housing Cannella-R Utility rates: mobilehomes and apartment buildings
SB 341 - Finance and Development DeSaulnier-D Redevelopment
SB 391* - Finance and Development DeSaulnier-D California Homes and Jobs Act of 2013
SB 401 - Miscellaneous Hueso-D Administrative practices
SB 416 - Miscellaneous Liu-D Surplus residential property
SB 488 - Miscellaneous Hueso-D Substandard housing: regulations
SB 510 - Mobilehomes/Manufactured Housing Jackson-D Land use: subdivisions: rental mobilehome park conversion
SB 550 - Miscellaneous Jackson-D Accessible housing
SB 745 - Miscellaneous Senate Transportation And Housing Committee Housing omnibus bill
SB 750 - Miscellaneous Wolk-D Building standards: water meters: multiunit structures
SB 752 - Common Interest Developments Roth-D Commercial and industrial common interest developments
SCR 29 - Miscellaneous Liu-D California Runaway and Homeless Youth Month
AB 42* - Miscellaneous Perea-D Mortgage debt forgiveness
AB 116* - Miscellaneous Bocanegra-D Land use: subdivision maps: expiration dates
AB 253 - Miscellaneous Levine-D Floating home marinas
AB 325 - Miscellaneous Alejo-D Land use and planning: cause of actions
AB 341 - Miscellaneous Dickinson-D Green building standards
AB 379 - Mobilehomes/Manufactured Housing Brown-D Manufactured housing: removal
AB 423* - Finance and Development Torres-D Affordable housing projects: enforceable obligation
AB 523 - Finance and Development Ammiano-D Department of Housing and Community Development: loans
AB 532* - Finance and Development Gordon-D Local Housing Trust Fund
AB 564 - Finance and Development Mullin-D Community redevelopment: successor agencies
AB 569 - Common Interest Developments Chau-D Real property: divided lands
AB 585 - Miscellaneous Fox-D Homeless veterans' assistance pilot program
AB 637 - Finance and Development Atkins-D Housing assistance
AB 639* - Finance and Development John A. Pérez-D Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2014
AB 645 - Miscellaneous Torres-D Dwelling safety: smoke detectors
AB 692 - Mobilehomes/Manufactured Housing Torres-D Mobilehomes: loans
AB 745 - Finance and Development Levine-D Land use: housing element
AB 746 - Miscellaneous Levine-D Smoking: prohibition in multifamily dwellings
AB 873 - Finance and Development Chau-D Housing: emergency housing and assistance funding
AB 952* - Finance and Development Atkins-D Low-income housing tax credits
AB 967 - Miscellaneous Hueso-D Substandard housing: regulations
AB 968 - Common Interest Developments Gordon-D Common interest developments: elections
AB 981 - Finance and Development Bloom-D Redevelopment dissolution
AB 984* - Miscellaneous Chau-D The California Housing Finance Agency
AB 998 - Miscellaneous Fong-D Interagency Council on Homelessness
AB 1037 - Miscellaneous V. Manuel Pérez-D Employee Housing Act: agricultural land use
AB 1051 - Finance and Development Bocanegra-D Housing
AB 1080 - Finance and Development Alejo-D Community Revitalization and Investment Authorities
AB 1092 - Miscellaneous Levine-D Electric vehicle charging infrastructure
AB 1109 - Finance and Development Bonilla-D Emergency housing and assistance
AB 1205 - Mobilehomes/Manufactured Housing Wieckowski-D Mobilehome Residency Law: mediation program
AB 1229 - Finance and Development Atkins-D Land use: zoning regulations
AB 1343 - Finance and Development Bonilla-D Local government: general plan: housing element
AB 1360 - Common Interest Developments Torres-D Common interest developments: electronic voting
ACR 32 - Miscellaneous Lowenthal-D Building and Safety Month
HR 13 - Miscellaneous Williams-D Relative to homeless court programs