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SB 674* (Perata-D) Oakland Army Base Public Trust

Grants the state's sovereign interest in certain trust lands within the former Oakland Army Base (OAB), and in other lands comprising OAB redevelopment property, to the Oakland Base Reuse Authority.

Chapter 664, Statutes of 2005

SB 976 (Ashburn-R) Military installations: air quality

Authorizes an air district reviewing the modification or replacement of a permit for a stationary source on a military installation to waive the requirement of the Protect California Air Act [SB 288 (Sher), Chapter 476, Statutes of 2003] or any regulation implementing that requirement, for a potential to emit analysis, for the provision of emission offsets based on a potential to emit analysis, or for both, provided that the district makes the following findings: the projected actual emissions of the modified or replacement source do not exceed the actual emissions of the existing permitted source, and the modified or replacement source includes best available control technology.

(In Senate Environmental Quality Committee)

SB 978 (Ashburn-R) Military land and housing areas

Provides that these and related provisions do not require submetering of a municipal or industrial service connection, served and billed through a master meter, for land under the administration of the military or housing projects included in the military housing privatization initiative program.

(In Senate Natural Resources and Wildlife Committee)

SB 1052 (Kehoe-D) Property taxation: military housing

Requires a Military Housing Oversight Committee to be established for each applicable military facility, comprised of a resident of the facility, the county assessor or his/her designee, and, if applicable, other county officials. Requires the Committee to approve or reject all private contractor's plans for improvements and to notify the Department of Finance and the Department of Veterans Affairs of any approved plans for improvements, as specified.

(In Senate Local Government Committee)

SB 1092* (Maldonado-R) East Garrison: community services district

Provides that in the proposed formation of the East Garrison Community Services District (located in the former Fort Ord), the Monterey County Board of Supervisors will serve as the initial board of directors until the conversion to a directly elected board of supervisors.

Chapter 108, Statutes of 1005

SJR 1 (Ashburn-R) Lemoore Military Operations Area Initiative

Urges the President and the Congress of the United States to support the establishment of the Lemoore Military Operations Area (MOA) for joint use by military aircraft from the Naval Air Station Lemoore and the California Air National Guard, Fresno. Requests the Federal Aviation Administration to approve the creation of the Lemoore MOA as quickly as possible.

Resolution Chapter 34, Statutes of 2005

AB 475 (Baca-D) Local agency military base recovery area

Revises the conditions by which the designation of a local agency military base recovery area expires and extends, beginning January 1, 2005, the initial designation period from eight to 14 years, if a specified condition applies.

(In Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee)

AB 1202 (Laird-D) Military and Aerospace Support Act

Makes conforming changes to the Military and Aerospace Support Act. Specifically: (1) changes the reference to the Defense Conversion Council and transfers the Council's duties to the Office of Military and Aerospace Support, (2) establishes a timeline of 120 days for the state agencies to reach agreement with local entities over a single re-use authority after the effective date of a base closure decision, (3) revises the definition of military base, and (4) requires a single local base reuse entity to be recognized pursuant to the regulations of the United States Department of Defense's Office of Economic Adjustment (U.S. Office), rather than the current requirement that the entity be recognized pursuant to provisions of existing state law, and makes conforming changes by repealing certain provisions of law governing the process for state recognition of a local reuse entity and replacing these provisions with the U.S. Office's established procedures.

Chapter 330, Statutes of 2005

AB 1279 (Ruskin-D) Military base remediation oversight

Deletes obsolete references in provisions that prohibit the Director of the Department of Finance from eliminating positions at the Department of Toxic Substances Control and the State Water Resources Control Board that are funded with federal funds or through an agreement with private entities, and that oversee hazardous substance cleanup activities at closed military bases.

(On Assembly Inactive File)

AB 1762 (Assembly Veterans Affairs Committee) Military Advisory Committee

Requires, rather than authorizes, the Office of Military and Aerospace Support within the Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency, to establish the Military Advisory Committee and requires the Committee to meet within six months after the 2005 Federal Base Realignment and Closure process is completed.

(In Senate Government Modernization, Efficiency and Accountability Committee)

AJR 12 (Gordon-D) Military base realignment and closure

Requests the President, the Congress of the United States and the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission to recognize that California's military installations possess critical military value in a manner consistent with the congressionally approved 2005 BRAC Closure and Realignment Selection Criteria and to also examine additional specified criteria for military base retention which recognizes the unique military value of California's military installations.

Resolution Chapter 96, Statutes of 2005



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Military land and housing areas

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Military base remediation oversight

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