Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Legislation




Disaster Relief Legislation

SB 266* (Rosenthal-D) Northridge earthquake claims

Continues an existing program to mediate claims stemming from the 1996 Northridge earthquake, administered by the State Department of Insurance, to January 1, 2000.

Chapter 622, Statutes of 1998

SB 774 (Johannessen-R) Disasters: restoration of land

Allows a 12-month period to apply for an exemption from California Environmental Quality Act requirements in order to restore land and improvements following natural or manmade disasters.

(Died in Senate Environmental Quality Committee)

SB 1152 (Dills-D) Emergency broadcasts: disasters

States legislative intent, consistent with federal law, that television stations that broadcast the Emergency Broadcast System and emergency updates provide closed captioning services for deaf and hearing-impaired throughout all live broadcasts that alert the general public to danger or disaster.

(Died in Assembly Governmental Organization Committee)

SB 1692 (McPherson-R) California Specialized Training Institute

Appropriates $140,000 to the Office of Emergency Services for allocation to the California Specialized Training Institute to implement a pilot program for instruction over the Internet.

Chapter 490, Statutes of 1998

SB 2141 (O'Connell-D) Nuclear powerplant accidents

Repeals and recasts various provisions of existing law pertaining to the state's Radiation Protection Act and the Energy Services Act including altering the responsibilities of state agencies, local governments, and utilities.

Chapter 543, Statutes of 1998

SB 1X (Leslie-R) Disaster relief

Requires that any request by the State Franchise Tax Board for documentation related to disaster-related income tax deductions for a post-1995 disaster to be reasonable in light of the disaster and the likelihood that the information requested would have survived the disaster. Specifies that such information could include sworn testimony, if that is the only available documentation.

(Died at Assembly Desk awaiting referral to a policy committee)

SB 3X (Lee-D) Flood areas: land use planning

Requires the Governor's Office of Planning and Research to coordinate and assist in the distribution of information, including maps prepared or issued under enumerated provision of existing law, the county and city planning agencies and other local officials regarding the identification of areas subject to flood hazards.

(Died in Senate Housing and Land Use Committee)

SB 8X (Johannessen-R) Streambed alterations

Adds "erosion" that immediately threatens a highway as an exemption to reading a streambed alteration agreement, and defines "emergency".

Chapter 9X, Statutes of 1997-1998, First Extraordinary Session

SB 10X (Johannessen-R) Flood protection

Appropriates $2 million from the General Fund for the following: (1) $1 million for the flood protection and watershed management plan for Colusa Basin Drainage District for the construction of central facilities and (2) $2 million to the Port of Sacramento to deepen the channel.

Vetoed by the Governor

AB 97* (Frusetta-R) Flood control projects

Enacts the Frusetta-Morrissey Flood Prevention Act of 1997 by appropriating $170 million to the State Department of Water Resources for the purpose of flood control activities to local entities that have incurred costs on building specified local flood protection projects.

(Died in Assembly Appropriations Committee)

Similar legislation was AB 3X* (Frusetta-R), which died in Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee.

AB 254 (Machado-D) Flood prevention

Enacts the Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, and Flood Protection Act to finance a safe drinking water, flood protection, and water quality program through issuance of General Obligation Bonds.

(Failed passage on Senate Floor)

AB 455 (Richter-R) Emergency services

Requires the Office of Energy Services (OES) and the State Department of Water Resources to conduct annual flood emergency workshops pursuant to the recommendations of the Flood Energy Action Team. Requires the OES to develop a federal and state disaster assistance matrix describing the type of assistance provided.

(Died in Senate Appropriations Committee)

AB 1551 (Figueroa-D) Unemployment compensation

Provides that workers who leave employment due to a major disaster are eligible for unemployment compensation benefits, and eliminates one month from the lag period in determining the base period for determining eligibility and the amount of benefits.

Vetoed by the Governor

AB 1688* (Torlakson-D) Community warning system

Immunizes a nonprofit organization which donates a community warning system to Contra Costa County from any liability from injuries resulting from the use and operation of the system as specified.

Chapter 444, Statutes of 1998

AB 1738 (Alquist-D) Disaster relief

Enacts the California Disaster Mitigation, Life Saving, and Property Protection Act of 1998 to interface with federal disaster information systems and increases the date available for disaster mitigation activities. Appropriates $1 million.

Vetoed by the Governor

AB 1853 (Machado-D) Local Disaster Preparedness

Creates the Local Disaster Preparedness Trust Fund to be used to fund hazard mitigation, emergency operations plans, emergency facilities, and training.

(Died in Senate Appropriations Committee)

AB 1869* (Cardoza-D) Property insurance: emergencies

Requires the Insurance Commissioner to set up Insurance Disaster Assessment Teams to promptly respond to disasters, assess the damage and make reports to the Commissioner, the public and to insurers.

Chapter 510, Statutes of 1998

AB 2456* (Sweeney-D) Disaster taxation relief

Provides property tax relief to local governments and increases tax relief to individuals and businesses for losses arising from storms, floods, or any other related casualties occurring in February 1998 in any county proclaimed by the Governor to be in a state of disaster with respect to storms and flooding.

Chapter 749, Statutes of 1998

AB 2510* (Strom-Martin-D) Disaster relief

Allows the State of California to fund up to 100% rather than 75% of the state eligible non-federal costs of replacing/repairing public facilities damaged as a result of the storms and floods which occurred between February 1, 1998 and April 30, 1998 caused by "El Nino".

Chapter 947, Statutes of 1998

Similar legislation was AB 13X* (Baca-D) which died at the Senate Desk.

AB 2601 (Alquist-D) Community emergency response teams

Establishes an advisory committee consisting of representatives of the Office of Emergency Services, the Seismic Safety Commission, and the Governor's office to prepare a request for proposal for a pilot program to educate and train persons to train others to establish community emergency response teams for earthquake and other disaster preparedness and response.

(Died in Assembly Governmental Organization Committee)

AB 2712 (Cardenas-D) Emergency preparedness: first aid kits: schools

Requires the State Department of Education to collect information related to emergency first aid kits in schools and report its findings to the Legislature on or before April 30, 1999.

Vetoed by the Governor

AJR 54 (Aguiar-R) Livestock and Dairy Indemnity Programs

Requests the President and the Congress of the United States to reauthorize the federal programs that might assist dairy farmers in coping with the losses due to the 1998 rains and flooding caused by "El Nino".

(Died in Senate Agriculture and Water Resources Committee)

AB 8X* (Martinez-D) Disaster relief: tax amnesty

Establishes a tax penalty amnesty program for which revenues derived from the program may be deposited into the Supplemental Individual Assistance Account established in the Natural Disaster Assistance Fund to provide disaster loss assistance.

(Died in Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee)