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SB 672 (Florez-D) Disaster relief

Provides property tax and income tax relief to counties and taxpayers who suffer damage to disasters which occur after July 1, 2003.

(In Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee)

SB 694 (Senate Natural Resources And Wildlife Committee) Seismic safety

Deletes obsolete provisions related to seismic activity along the San Andreas Fault, north of Los Angeles, the Southern California Earthquake Preparedness Project and the Bay Area Regional Earthquake Preparedness Project.

(On Assembly Third Reading File)

SCA 9 (Perata-D) Appropriations limits: natural disaster

Includes, within the definition of "emergency" under the Gann Proposition Initiative, which is exempted from the appropriations limits, conditions of disaster or extreme peril to the safety of persons and property within the state, or parts thereof, caused by any other natural disaster.

(In Senate Governmental Organization Committee)

AB 1066* (Liu-D) Seismic safety

Enacts the California Seismic Safety Bond Act of 2004, in an amount of $700 million, to fund local government building and facility seismic safety retrofit projects.

(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 1509 (Benoit-R) State Office of Emergency Services

Requires the State Office of Emergency Services to conduct a demonstration project on the use of geographic position system and geographic information system technology in the management and deployment of mobile emergency response equipment and personnel.

Chapter 184, Statutes of 2003

AB 1576 (Liu-D) Water heaters: earthquakes

Provides tenants may not be evicted in order to comply with requirement that water heaters be braced, enclosed or strapped and provides that failure to brace a water heater is a nuisance which may be enforced by building code inspectors.

Chapter 581, Statutes of 2003

AB 1598* (Corbett-D) Earthquake Grant and Loan Program

Extends the sunset date for the Earthquake Grant and Loan Program and increases the amount of money appropriated to the program.

Chapter 448, Statutes of 2003

AB 1641* (Keene-R) Court emergencies

Allows courts, with the approval of the Chair of the Judicial Council of California, to declare specified days in which emergencies have interfered with court proceedings to be "court holidays" for purposes of extending certain court deadlines.

Chapter 293, Statutes of 2003

AB 1747* (Assembly Budget Committee) Seismic safety

Consolidates the Strong-Motion Instrumentation and Seismic Hazards Mapping Fund to equitably distribute funds between the two programs.

Chapter 240, Statutes of 2003

AB 1756* (Assembly Budget Committee) State Office of Emergency Services

A budget trailer bill, which among other provisions, restores the Disaster Service Workers Compensation Program which provides workers compensation benefits to volunteer disaster service workers at the State Office of Emergency Services.

Chapter 228, Statutes of 2003

AB 1782 (Assembly Governmental Organization Committee) Emergency preparedness

Requires the Legislative Analyst to conduct a review of California's emergency preparedness status.

(In Senate Rules Committee)

ACR 91 (Corbett-D) Earthquake preparedness

Declares the month of April to be California Earthquake Preparedness Month and urges all Californians and government agencies to engage in education, evaluation of seismic hazards, mitigation, safety activities, and the exchange of information related to earthquake preparedness with other states and nations during that month.

Resolution Chapter 31, Statues of 2003

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Seismic safety

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