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Farm Labor

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SB 104 (Steinberg-D) Labor representatives: elections

Permits agricultural employees to select their labor representatives by submitting a petition to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board accompanied by representation cards signed by a majority of the bargaining unit. Extends existing prohibitions and penalties to employers who engage in unfair labor practices with regard to a majority signup election.

SB 126 (Steinberg-D) Agricultural labor relations

Makes a number of changes to the Agricultural Labor Relations Act. Provides that if the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) sets aside an election because of employer misconduct that (in addition to affecting the outcome of an election) would render slight the chances of a new election reflecting the free and fair choice of employees, the labor organization shall be certified as the exclusive bargaining representative for the bargaining unit. Imposes time limits to certain ALRB proceedings. Shortens the time, under current law, for a request for mandatory mediation from 180 days to 90 days after an initial request to bargain. Provides that a party may also request mandatory mediation in the specified circumstances. Provides that the mandatory mediation proceedings of current law shall not be stayed on the grounds that a specified petition for review of an ALRB order related to unfair labor practice charges have been filed. Expands existing law related to judicial injunctions to provide that the court shall also consider the indirect effect upon protected rights of all agricultural employees of the employer in determining whether temporary relief is just and proper. Provides that when the alleged unfair labor practice is such that, by its nature, it would interfere with employee free choice, appropriate temporary relief or a restraining order shall issue on a showing that reasonable cause exists to believe that the unfair labor practice has occurred.
Chapter 697, Statutes of 2011

AB 276 (Alejo-D) Agricultural labor relations

Specifies the time for filing a declaration by an agricultural employer or a certified labor organization representing agricultural employees that the parties have failed to reach a collective bargaining agreement, thus triggering mandatory mediation. The declaration may be filed 180 days after any request to bargain.
(In Senate Rules Committee)

AB 840 (Torres-D) Agricultural employee housing

Clarifies that cities and counties must treat specified employer-provided farmworker housing the same as other agricultural uses in any zone where agricultural uses are allowed.
Chapter 74, Statutes of 2011

AB 1313 (Allen-D) Agricultural workers: overtime wages

Removes the exemption for agricultural employees regarding wage and hour requirements and creates a state-mandated local program by including agricultural employees as a class of employees protected by criminal penalties under existing law.
(On Senate Inactive File)

ACR 12 (Mendoza-D) César Chávez Day

Recognizes 3/31/11 as the anniversary of the birth of César Chávez, and calls upon Californians to participate in appropriate observances to remember César Chávez as a symbol of hope and justice to all persons. As a farmworker, César Chávez experienced firsthand the injustice of working long hours with little pay. He lived his life dedicated to improving the plight of farmworkers through struggle, sacrifice, and self-denial. He established and led the first successful farmworkers' union in United States history. César Chávez stood for dignity and justice for farmworkers.
Resolution Chapter 79, Statutes of 2011

Pests and Pesticides

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SCR 10 (Rubio-D) West Nile Virus & Mosquito and Vector Control Awareness Week

Declares 4/24/11 through 4/30/11 as West Nile Virus and Mosquito and Vector Control Awareness Week.
Resolution Chapter 25, Statutes of 2011

AB 417 (Bill Berryhill-R) Structural pest control

Prohibits a city, county, or city and county from prohibiting a licensee of the Structural Pest Control Board from engaging in the particular business, occupation, or profession for which he/she is licensed under the Structural Pest Control law.
Chapter 99, Statutes of 2011

AB 634 (Huber-D) Vertebrate pest control: carbon monoxide

Clarifies the process for regulation of the use of carbon monoxide for the control of burrowing rodent pests by (1) narrowing the use of carbon monoxide to kill just burrowing rodent pests, (2) establishing requirements for a warning label to be placed on the carbon monoxide producing device, (3) clarifying that the use of carbon monoxide as a pesticide be regulated in accordance with existing pesticide laws, (4) establishing a sunset date of 1/1/18 for the above provisions, and (5) directing the Vertebrate Pest Control Research Advisory Committee to examine carbon monoxide as a method to control pests. Includes a statement of legislative intent.
Chapter 407, Statutes of 2011

AB 1176 (Williams-D) Pesticides: toxic air contaminant

Requires that the written determination, as prepared by the Director of the Department of Pesticide Regulation, regarding control measures for each pesticide and all findings made by consulting agencies be made available to the public. Includes pesticides identified by the Director as toxic air contaminants within the list of pesticides for which the Director is required to develop control measures, as specified. Specifies that the Director shall develop the control measures for each pesticide listed as a toxic air contaminant. Provides that the Director shall follow specified consultation procedures and requires the Director, within two years of the determination of the need for control measures or following a risk assessment of a pesticide identified as a toxic air contaminant, to adopt control measures to protect human health or report to the Legislature why control measures have not been adopted.
(In Assembly Agriculture Committee)

General Agriculture

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SB 1 (Kehoe-D) 22nd District Agricultural Association: Del Mar Race Track

Creates District 22a, consisting of all real property and personal property that is a portion of District 22 (commonly known as the Del Mar Race Track and Fairgrounds) located in the City of Del Mar and certain other property in the City of San Diego, and prescribes certain matters applicable to officers of the 22nd District Agricultural Association and the District 22a Agricultural Association. Authorizes the Department of General Services to sell all or any portion of the real property that comprises District 22a and related personal property to the City of Del Mar and requires the net sale proceeds to be deposited into the District 22a Disposition Fund, which the bill creates in the State Treasury. Requires, upon sale of all property that comprises District 22a, that District 22a be abolished and that all funds in the District 22a Disposition Fund ultimately be deposited into the Deficit Recovery Bond Retirement Sinking Fund Subaccount.
(In Senate Governmental Organization Committee)

SB 237 (Wolk-D) Agriculture: California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006

Establishes eligible uses of funds allocated to the agricultural sector from revenue generated from market-based compliance mechanisms for the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases pursuant to the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Requires an unspecified agency to administer these funds for a specified grant program. Creates the California Agricultural Climate Benefits Advisory Committee, with specified membership, to assist in the implementation of these requirements, as provided.
(In Senate Appropriations Committee)

SB 249 (Yee-D) 1-A District Agricultural Association: facilities

Requires the 1-A District Agricultural Association (County of San Mateo and the City and County of San Francisco), 30 days before final approval of the use of a facility that is owned or leased by the Association by any exhibitor that is not a public entity, to submit to the City and County of San Francisco, the City of Daly City, and the San Mateo County Manager a complete and detailed written description of the proposed event, including a specified risk assessment. Requires the Association to include in the contract with the exhibitor, or as an addendum to a contract, a provision requiring the exhibitor to assume all financial liability for the event. Requires that the exhibitor reimburse the jurisdictions surrounding the facility for the actual costs of emergency services incurred as a result of or caused by the event held at the facility. Requires the Association to enforce this bill by requiring a sufficient security bond or other guarantees from the exhibitor that are acceptable to the jurisdictions surrounding the facility and the board of the Association.
(In Assembly Agriculture Committee)

SB 513 (Cannella-R) Renderers and farmers' markets: regulatory fees

Creates a Rendering Industry Advisory Board, including membership and duties; reinstates the renderer enforcement program at the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and the ability of CDFA to impose administrative fees on renderers and collection centers in connection with animal rendering until 7/1/15; and extends the sunset date for the certified farmers' market operator fees collected by CDFA and the enforcement article for civil penalties and appeal provisions to 1/1/14.
Chapter 337, Statutes of 2011

SB 549 (Rubio-D) Eggs: assessment fees

Increases the assessment on in-state and out-of-state eggs from $0.05 per 30 dozen to $0.15 per 30 dozen and includes egg products from out-of -state to the assessment. Specifies that the Secretary of the Department of Food and Agriculture must collect a lower fee assessment rate if the funds exceed the program's enforcement and administrative costs.
Chapter 340, Statutes of 2011

SB 592 (Harman-R) Dairy cattle supply liens

Updates the dairy cattle supply lien laws to allow a lien also to be placed upon the dairy cattle and offspring, provides feed or materials lien claimants with a right to attach during a foreclosure action, provides claim enforcement following the debtor's payment default, and provides an award of reasonable attorney's fees and costs to the prevailing party of a lien enforcement action.
(On Senate Inactive File)

SB 618 (Wolk-D) Williamson Act: solar-use easement

Authorizes a city or county and a landowner to simultaneously rescind a Williamson Act contract on marginally productive or physically impaired lands and enter into a solar-use easement that restricts the use of land to photovoltaic solar facilities, as specified. Revises the definition of "covered species" to include fully protected species, as specified, and makes conforming changes. Includes specified fully protected species in the species authorized to be taken prior to the approval of a conservation plan.
Chapter 596, Statutes of 2011

SB 625 (Hernandez-D) California Nursery Producers Commission

Repeals current authorizing language and reestablishes the California Nursery Producers Commission with prescribed membership, powers, duties and responsibilities. Requires positive referendum vote by nursery product producers, as specified, to activate.
(In Senate Agriculture Committee)

SB 648 (Berryhill-R) Williamson Act: agricultural land

Provides an alternative method of cancellation of a contract by a landowner for contracts that are 10 or more years old, and where the landowner has not received a lowered assessment value on the land during the previous 10 consecutive years based on the existence of a residence, including agricultural laborer housing, on the land being valued. Requires the board of supervisors or city council, upon petition by the landowner and a showing that these conditions exist, to approve the cancellation of the contract. Prohibits the board or council from charging a cancellation fee.
(In Senate Governance and Finance Committee)

SB 668 (Evans-D) Williamson Act: agricultural land

Authorizes, until 1/1/16, a nonprofit land-trust organization, a nonprofit entity, or a public agency to enter into a contract with a landowner who has also entered into a Williamson Act contract, upon approval of the city or county that holds the Williamson Act contract, to keep that landowner's land in contract under the Williamson Act, for a period of up to 10 years in exchange for the open-space district's, land-trust organization's, or nonprofit entity's payment of all or a portion of the foregone property tax revenue to the county, where the state has failed to reimburse, or reduced the subvention to, the city or county for property tax revenues not received as a result of Williamson Act contracts.
Chapter 254, Statutes of 2011

SB 676 (Leno-D) Industrial hemp

Creates an eight-year, four-county (Imperial, Kern, Kings, and San Joaquin Counties) pilot project, with respect to the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp; defines "industrial hemp", as specified; redefines marijuana to exclude industrial hemp; allows the closely-regulated cultivation and processing of industrial hemp during the pilot period to conclude on 1/1/20; imposes a testing regimen to ensure program hemp has no psychoactive properties; and requires the Attorney General and the Hemp Industries Association to submit reports to the Legislature by 1/1/18, regarding the economic and law enforcement impacts of industrial hemp cultivation.

SB 707 (Cannella-R) Agricultural development: olive trees

Includes olive trees in the existing 1% gross sales fee assessment, and extends the membership of the Fruit Tree, Nut Tree and Grapevine Improvement Advisory Board to representatives from the olive industry. Authorizes the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to enter into agreements relating to olive tree production and requires the Secretary of CDFA to consult with the olive industry in appointing the Board.
Chapter 343, Statutes of 2011

SB 856 (Walters-R) Wildlife Center

Requires the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), upon inspection and approval of the facility, to grant the Wildlife Center a permit to operate for at least five years, provides that CDFA is the sole state licensing agency over the Wildlife Center, and authorizes CDFA to charge the Wildlife Center a fee for the initial permit and for any subsequent renewals and inspections to cover CDFA's reasonable costs for those activities. Requires the Department of Fish and Game, upon the request of the Wildlife Center, to release the remains of Cotie, a dog/coyote hybrid, to the Wildlife Center. Makes legislative findings and declarations as to the necessity of a special statute for the Wildlife Center.
(In Senate Rules Committee)

SB 899 (La Malfa-R) Fairs: audits: competitive bidding

Deletes the duty of the Department of Food and Agriculture to conduct fiscal and performance audits of county fairs and permits discretionary audits as determined by the county fair and the county board of supervisors, as specified. Permits district agricultural associations and the California Exposition and State Fair to be relieved of specified requirements regarding competitive bidding with the approval of the Department.
(In Assembly Agriculture Committee)

SCR 9 (Rubio-D) Fresno Food Expo

Declares 3/11/11, as Fresno Food Expo Day, and honors the Central San Joaquin Valley for its contribution to California, the nation, and globally for its abundant production of agricultural goods and food production.
Resolution Chapter 4, Statutes of 2011

AB 35 (Solorio-D) 32nd District Agricultural Association: state property

Authorizes the Board of Directors of the Orange County Fair to enter into a revenue-sharing plan related to real and personal property assets owned by the 32nd District Agricultural Association if the plan generates over $100 million for the state, as specified. Requires the Department of General Services to submit the complete terms of the agreement to the Legislature at least 30 days prior to entering into any agreement pursuant to this bill.
(In Senate Agriculture Committee)

AB 74 (Ma-D) Agricultural event and inspector services

Requires any state agency that seeks to hold an event with an expected attendance level over 10,000 on property that is either owned or operated by a state agency to, prior to the event, conduct a threat assessment, as specified. Exempts certain events from these requirements, including an annual fair within the network of California fairs if the primary purpose of the event is to exhibit or promote the state's agriculture, livestock, or industrial or natural resources through exhibits, vendors, or other educational programming. Authorizes the Secretary of the Department of Food and Agriculture to enter into specified cooperative agreements with counties for agricultural inspector services.
Chapter 666, Statutes of 2011

AB 95 (Assembly Budget Committee) California Network of Fairs

Is the Resources Trailer Bill for the 2011 Budget Act. Makes various changes necessary to implement the Budget Act of 2011, including eliminating state support for the California Network of Fairs including the annual transfer from the General Fund, and repealing provisions related to the fairs including reporting, auditing, and program management, as well as technical changes necessary to remove state support for the program.
Chapter 2, Statutes of 2011

AB 107 (Assembly Budget Committee) Slaughterhouse licensing

Implements the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) budget reduction and deletes obsolete statutes mostly related to slaughterhouse licensing. Increases, until 1/1/17, the fees for licenses and renewal of licenses, imposes specified penalties for the failure to pay the fee for renewal of a license prior to the expiration date of the license, and establishes criteria for the fee for a license application submitted upon change of ownership of custom slaughterhouses, as specified. Revises, until 1/1/17, the licensing scheme and increases the fees for the licensing and renewal of licenses in connection with poultry plant operations and poultry meat inspections. Provides that if a licensee has two or more licenses in effect at the same meat processing establishment, custom livestock slaughterhouse, place of business, poultry plant, pet food processor or importer, or other similar business, as specified, the license fee that is the highest amount shall be paid in full and each additional license fee shall be in an amount that is 50% of the fee that would otherwise be applicable. Appropriates $1,000 from the General Fund to CDFA for administrative costs.
Chapter 134, Statutes of 2011

AB 120 (Assembly Budget Committee) Department of Food and Agriculture

Is the Resources Trailer Bill for the 2011 Budget Act containing necessary changes to implement the Budget Act of 2011. Implements Department of Food and Agriculture budget reductions, provides for fees to pay for regulatory programs, and shifts certain revenues to the Department for specific regulatory programs rather than to the General Fund.
Chapter 133, Statutes of 2011

AB 222 (Assembly Agriculture Committee) Food and Agriculture: omnibus bill

Deletes obsolete reporting requirements that have passed for the Department of Food and Agriculture and the Food Biotechnology Task Force; defines "business day" as it relates to the impoundment of dogs and cats in public or private shelters; deletes the $100 per diem provision for California Walnut Commission (CWC) members, alternate members, and committee members, and instead provides that CWC members may receive an amount not to exceed reasonable and necessary traveling expenses and meal allowances, as established by the CWC; and specifies that for civil service employees working for the 50th District Agricultural Association (DAA) who choose to remain in state service, the joint powers agency may contract with the 50th DAA for the services of the employee rather than the Department.
Chapter 97, Statutes of 2011

AB 292* (Galgiani-D) Agricultural lands: High-Speed Rail

Requires the High-Speed Rail Authority to appoint an agricultural advisory committee with nine members from a list of nominees recommended by the Secretary of the Department of Food and Agriculture to consult with prior to adopting any policy relevant to agriculture.
(On Senate Inactive File)

AB 349 (Chesbro-D) Livestock: vehicles: State Route 101

Extends, from 1/1/12 until 1/1/15, the time during which oversized trucks transporting livestock may travel on Highway 101 in Del Norte, Humboldt, and Mendocino counties.
Chapter 172, Statutes of 2011

AB 691 (Perea-D) Agency regulations

Designates the Secretary of the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) as an agricultural ombudsman and makes him/her responsible for providing assistance and guidance to agricultural businesses that need to obtain state permits. Requires the CDFA Secretary to review and identify within the state any agricultural related regulations that may have negative impacts on agriculture. Requires the CDFA Secretary to submit a report to the Legislature on or before 1/1/13, and annually thereafter, making recommendations for eliminating duplicative regulations and necessary changes to state statute or regulations to alleviate any negative impacts.
(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 914 (Atkins-D) State agricultural commissions: market information

Authorizes the California Avocado Commission to require avocado producers to provide information pertaining to locations at which avocados are produced and the annual volume of avocados produced at each location and to use the information provided for specified purposes; increases the number of prior crop years used to determine the reapportion of avocado districts; and requires the California Cut Flower Commission to annually specify the types and varieties of cut flowers from willing producers of sales on commission-determined varieties of cut flowers and requires dissemination of that information to these producers, as specified.
Chapter 322, Statutes of 2011

AB 921 (Allen-D) Agriculture water use efficiency: compost applications

Enacts the Agriculture Water Efficiency with Compost Use and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act of 2011, which requires the Department of Food and Agriculture, in conjunction with the Department of Water Resources, to oversee a study or studies conducted by the University of California Extension Service, in partnership with local water districts, agricultural interests and compost producers, to measure increases in water use efficiency through the use of compost in agricultural settings, and other potential benefits from the use of compost, with regard to climate change.
(In Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 1058 (Smyth-R) Agricultural use: water quality

Requires the State Water Resources Control Board, on or before 7/1/13, to adopt a statewide policy establishing a statewide water quality objective and plan of implementation for chloride and other measures of salinity that may affect the suitability of water used for agricultural purposes, in accordance with prescribed requirements.
(In Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee)

AB 1113 (Galgiani-D) Agricultural byproducts: energy

Replaces the existing pilot program for eligible biogas digester customer-generators with a net energy metering program for eligible customer-generators, as defined, that use agricultural residues, animal wastes, or animal renderings to generate electricity and that meet certain requirements.
(In Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee)

AB 1154 (Bill Berryhill-R) California Nursery Producers Commission

Exempts from the provisions relating to the California Nursery Producers Commission crops that are subject to assessments imposed upon gross sales of fruit trees, nut trees, and grapevines by licensed nursery dealers, as specified, or imposed for the support of the California Citrus Nursery Board.
(In Assembly Agriculture Committee)

AB 1181 (Butler-D) Weights and measures

Makes technical and conforming changes to the provision prohibiting a person from engaging in business as a service agency for the repair of weights and measures, unless that person registers with the Secretary of Food and Agriculture, as specified. Prohibits, when a commodity is sold based upon a quantity represented by the purchaser or by using the purchaser's equipment, the purchaser from paying the seller less than the highest applicable price per unit, that is advertised, posted, marked, displayed, or quoted for that commodity.
(On Senate Inactive File)

AB 1204 (Dickinson-D) Fairs: California Exposition and State Fair Authority

Adds public relations and marketing to the list of topics, in which Governor's appointees to the Board of the California Exposition and State Fair are required to have knowledge of, interest in, and expertise in. Requires Board members to continue on the Board past the expiration of their term, until a replacement is appointed and qualified.
(In Assembly Agriculture Committee)

AB 1265* (Nielsen-R) Williamson Act

Creates a temporary program that counties can use when the state's open space subventions are less than a specified level. Allows counties to increase the assessed values of Williamson Act contracted land and divert the resulting property tax revenues. Becomes effective on 1/1/11, and sunsets on 1/1/16.
Chapter 90, Statutes of 2011

AB 1266 (Nielsen-R) Williamson Act: agricultural preserves

Creates a nonexclusive list of topics about which a Williamson Act advisory board may advise a county board of supervisors or city council: program benefits, costs, amendments, and landowner participation. Declares that this statutory provision is not the exclusive manner to receive advice.
(On Senate Inactive File)

AB 1398 (Chesbro-D) Employment of minors: agricultural packing plants

Extends, from 1/1/12 to 1/1/17, the authority of the Labor Commissioner to allow minors 16 or 17 years of age who reside in Lake County to work in agricultural packing plants up to 60 hours per week during peak harvest season. Changes the written reporting requirements of affected employers to require a written report regarding payroll to be filed annually without a specific reporting date. Changes the requirements for the Labor Commission to issue, instead of an annual report, a single written report on the working conditions of minors employed in the agricultural packing industry, which is to be filed by 11/1/16, and cover the previous five-and one-half year period from 3/1/11 to 10/1/16.
Chapter 489, Statutes of 2011

ACR 42 (Ma-D) Eat Local, Buy California Grown Day

Declares that Sundays are "Eat Local, Buy California Grown Day," and encourages families, restaurants, and grocers to buy California-grown floriculture, fiber, and foods.
Resolution Chapter 42, Statutes of 2011

ACR 64 (Valadao-R) June Dairy Month

Proclaims the month of June to be June Dairy Month in California, in honor of the work of dairy producers in California, and encourages all Californians to continue to support the American dairy industry by including dairy products as part of a healthy diet.
Resolution Chapter 58, Statutes of 2011

AJR 15 (Alejo-D) California cut flowers

Urges the United States government to consider the California jobs and economic stimulus provided by the California floriculture industry when advancing free trade agreements, specifically with Colombia.
Resolution Chapter 122, Statutes of 2011

HR 4 (Galgiani-D) California Agriculture Day

Designates 3/23/11 as California Agriculture Day, a day of celebration to commemorate agriculture's vital role in keeping Californians nourished and the state's economy ranked as the eighth largest in the world. Honors the men and women of California agriculture for their dedication and productivity by observing the week of 3/13/11 to 3/19/11, inclusive, as National Agriculture Week, and 3/23/11 as California Agriculture Day.
Adopted by the Assembly

Index (in Bill Order)

Bills Author and Bill Title Reference
SB 1 Kehoe-D
22nd District Agricultural Association: Del Mar Race Track

General Agriculture

SB 104 Steinberg-D
Labor representatives: elections

Farm Labor

SB 126 Steinberg-D
Agricultural labor relations

Farm Labor

SB 237 Wolk-D
Agriculture: California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006

General Agriculture

SB 249 Yee-D
1-A District Agricultural Association: facilities

General Agriculture

SB 513 Cannella-R
Renderers and farmers' markets: regulatory fees

General Agriculture

SB 549 Rubio-D
Eggs: assessment fees

General Agriculture

SB 592 Harman-R
Dairy cattle supply liens

General Agriculture

SB 618 Wolk-D
Williamson Act: solar-use easement

General Agriculture

SB 625 Hernandez-D
California Nursery Producers Commission

General Agriculture

SB 648 Berryhill-R
Williamson Act: agricultural land

General Agriculture

SB 668 Evans-D
Williamson Act: agricultural land

General Agriculture

SB 676 Leno-D
Industrial hemp

General Agriculture

SB 707 Cannella-R
Agricultural development: olive trees

General Agriculture

SB 856 Walters-R
Wildlife Center

General Agriculture

SB 899 La Malfa-R
Fairs: audits: competitive bidding

General Agriculture

SCR 9 Rubio-D
Fresno Food Expo

General Agriculture

SCR 10 Rubio-D
West Nile Virus & Mosquito and Vector Control Awareness Week

Pests and Pesticides

AB 35 Solorio-D
32nd District Agricultural Association: state property

General Agriculture

AB 74 Ma-D
Agricultural event and inspector services

General Agriculture

AB 95 Assembly Budget Committee
California Network of Fairs

General Agriculture

AB 107 Assembly Budget Committee
Slaughterhouse licensing

General Agriculture

AB 120 Assembly Budget Committee
Department of Food and Agriculture

General Agriculture

AB 222 Assembly Agriculture Committee
Food and Agriculture: omnibus bill

General Agriculture

AB 276 Alejo-D
Agricultural labor relations

Farm Labor

AB 292* Galgiani-D
Agricultural lands: High-Speed Rail

General Agriculture

AB 349 Chesbro-D
Livestock: vehicles: State Route 101

General Agriculture

AB 417 Bill Berryhill-R
Structural pest control

Pests and Pesticides

AB 634 Huber-D
Vertebrate pest control: carbon monoxide

Pests and Pesticides

AB 691 Perea-D
Agency regulations

General Agriculture

AB 840 Torres-D
Agricultural employee housing

Farm Labor

AB 914 Atkins-D
State agricultural commissions: market information

General Agriculture

AB 921 Allen-D
Agriculture water use efficiency: compost applications

General Agriculture

AB 1058 Smyth-R
Agricultural use: water quality

General Agriculture

AB 1113 Galgiani-D
Agricultural byproducts: energy

General Agriculture

AB 1154 Bill Berryhill-R
California Nursery Producers Commission

General Agriculture

AB 1176 Williams-D
Pesticides: toxic air contaminant

Pests and Pesticides

AB 1181 Butler-D
Weights and measures

General Agriculture

AB 1204 Dickinson-D
Fairs: California Exposition and State Fair Authority

General Agriculture

AB 1265* Nielsen-R
Williamson Act

General Agriculture

AB 1266 Nielsen-R
Williamson Act: agricultural preserves

General Agriculture

AB 1313 Allen-D
Agricultural workers: overtime wages

Farm Labor

AB 1398 Chesbro-D
Employment of minors: agricultural packing plants

General Agriculture

ACR 12 Mendoza-D
César Chávez Day

Farm Labor

ACR 42 Ma-D
Eat Local, Buy California Grown Day

General Agriculture

ACR 64 Valadao-R
June Dairy Month

General Agriculture

AJR 15 Alejo-D
California cut flowers

General Agriculture

HR 4 Galgiani-D
California Agriculture Day

General Agriculture