NOTE: * denotes urgency legislation


SB 571 (Peace-D) - Services:  Elderly

Makes changes to the review process which the Department of 
Social Services is required to undertake related to the placement 
of individuals under the age of 60 years into residential care 
facilities for the elderly.

Chapter 434, Statutes of 1996 

SB 731 (Mello-D) - Conservatorships:  Alzheimer's Disease

Provides for conservatorships known as the Alzheimer's Disease 
and Related Dementia Conservatorship.

(Died in Senate Judiciary Committee)

SB 895 (Leslie-R) - Civil Rights:  Senior Housing

Changes the definition of “qualified permanent resident” to allow 
dependent disabled adults to live in senior citizen housing 

(Died in Assembly Housing and Community Development 

SB 1447 (Mello-D) - Income Tax:  Alzheimer's Research and 
Senior Legislature

Extends the check-off for the Alzheimer's Disease Research Fund 
and the California Fund for Senior Citizens to January 1, 2000.

Chapter 494, Statutes of 1996 

SB 1483 (Mello-D) - Health Care Providers:  Elder Abuse

States legislative intent not to limit or restrict the application of 
provisions regarding the awarding of attorney's fees and costs, 
and prohibiting the limitation of damages generally applicable 
with respect to cases of abuse of elderly or dependent adults to 
causes of action other than those based on a health care provider's 
alleged professional negligence.

(Died in Senate Judiciary Committee)

SB 1895 (Mello-D) - Aging

Recasts the provisions of the Older Californian's Act, renames it 
the Mello-Granlund Older Californians Act, and provides the 
basis for shifting to local administration several programs now 
administered by the state.  These include Health Insurance 
Counseling and Advocacy Program, Alzheimer's Day Care-
Resource Center Program, Brown Bag Program, Foster 
Grandparent Program, Linkages Program, and Senior Companion 
Program.  Requires each area agency on aging to develop a 
transition plan for the transfer of these programs to local 
agencies.  Requires existing relationships with local service 
providers to be maintained through 1997-98.

Chapter 1096, Statutes of 1996 

Similar legislation is AB 2800 (Granlund-R), Chapter 1097, 
Statutes of 1996 

SB 2097 (Haynes-R) - Civil Rights:  Senior Housing

With respect to Riverside County only:

1.	Removes the requirement that senior housing be specifically 
designed to meet the physical and social needs of seniors.

2.	Lowers the threshold for the minimum number of dwelling 
units within a development necessary for housing to qualify as 
senior-only housing from a range of between 35 to 150 units, 
based on the population of the metropolitan area, to 20 units.

3. 	Adds to the list of qualified permanent residents mentally and 
physically disabled or terminally-ill adults who are dependents 
of the senior resident.

On a statewide basis, limits the ability of developers to obtain a 
public report for phased-in development of new senior-only 
housing unless the initial phase meets the minimum unit 
requirement outlined in #2 above.

Chapter 1147, Statutes of 1996 

AB 943 (Caldera-D) - Money Management

Establishes a 5-year pilot project called the Money Management 
for Senior Citizens Program.  Provides that the program will be 
established in not more than 3 planning and service areas.  
Requires the program to be administered by the area agencies on 

(Failed passage in Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 1205 (Morrissey-R) - Crimes Against Seniors:  Embezzlement:  

Provides that upon conviction of a felony violation of the laws 
proscribing theft, embezzlement, or extortion, the fact that the 
victim was an elder or dependent adult shall be considered a 
circumstance in aggravation when imposing the term of 

Chapter 788, Statutes of 1996 

AB 1246 (Frusetta-R) - Residential Care for the Elderly

Prohibits the licensee or staff of a residential care facility for the 
elderly (RCFE) from retaliating against any person receiving the 
services of the RCFE or against any employee of the facility for 
initiating or participating in the filing of a complaint or grievance 
with the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman or the Department 
of Social Services.

(Died in Assembly Human Services Committee)

AB 1850 (Sher-D) - Home and Community Based Services

Requires the Department of Health Services to implement a 
program in San Mateo County for the provisions of a continuum of 
social and health support services to the aged and disabled adult 

(Died in Assembly Health Committee)

AB 2021 (Tucker-D) - Elder and Dependent Adults

Emphasizes to physicians the importance of accurately reflecting 
the cause of death when abuse occurs.

Requires the Department of Health Services (DHS) to study 
barriers to ensuring access to an adequate supply of skilled 
nursing facility beds on a short-term basis.  Requires DHS to 
implement up to 3 pilot projects in which skilled nursing facility 
beds are used to provide shelter on a short-term basis.

Requires the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and 
Training to prepare guidelines establishing standard procedures 
which may be followed by police agencies in the detection, 
investigation and response to cases of abuse.  Requires the 
Ombudsman Program to expand the subject of its community 
education and training programs to include long-term care 
ombudsman and adult protective services programs.

(Died in Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 2220 (Woods-R) - Crimes Against the Elderly or Disabled

Prohibits probation for an offender who commits or attempts to 
commit any felony against a victim who is 60 years of age or 
older, or who is blind, a paraplegic, quadriplegic, or confined to a 
wheelchair, or who is developmentally disabled, unless unusual 
circumstances exist.

(Died in Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 2412 (Alby-R) - Multipurpose Senior Services Program

Prohibits the Department of Aging from reprocuring contracts 
through July 1, 1998 for the Multipurpose Senior Services 
Program (MSSP) in any areas that the Department of Health 
Services selects prior to January 1, 1997 to develop a long-term 
care integration pilot program.  Also requires new MSSP 
contracts to cover the same geographical area and clients as the 
previous contractor.

(Died in Senate Appropriations Committee)

AB 2646 (Granlund-R) - Senior Housing:  Civil Rights

Deletes requirements for senior citizen housing to be specially 
designed to meet the social and physical needs of seniors.  
Reduces the minimum size requirements of 35 to 150 units for 55 
and over senior developments to a flat 20 unit minimum.

Adds to the list of qualified permanent residents mentally and 
physically disabled or terminally-ill adults who are dependents of 
the senior resident.

(Failed passage in Senate Judiciary Committee)

AB 2881 (Woods-R) - Elder Abuse

Authorizes law enforcement or designated county employees to 
take an elderly or dependent adult into temporary emergency 
protective custody and refer the case to the county protective 
services agency.  Requires the county agency to then initiate court 
review of the need for continued protective services and appoint a 
guardian to continue the protective services if required.  
Establishes the adult's right to counsel in the hearing on the 
petition for emergency protection.  Is limited to local jurisdictions 
that authorize its use.

Chapter 913, Statutes of 1996 

AB 3387 (Hannigan-D) - Senior Service Providers:  Training

Requires the Department of Aging to establish a training and 
education program requiring persons responsible for the 
administration or management of senior centers, special 
transportation services for the elderly, and senior residences, to 
receive education and training in the area of gerontology.

(Died in Assembly Human Services Committee)

ACR 67 (Bordonaro-R) - Geriatric Training

Encourages the University of California to continue its efforts to 
modify its medical school curricula to include geriatrics and 
related pharmacology.

Resolution Chapter 42, Statutes of 1996 

AJR 12 (K. Murray-D) - Housing for Older Persons

Urges the Congress of the United States to amend the federal 
Fair Housing Act to accomplish all of the following:  to eliminate 
the requirement that significant facilities and services be 
provided in order to qualify as housing for older persons; to 
require housing facilities to publish, and adhere to, policies and 
procedures that demonstrate the intent to be a “55-and-older” 
facility; and to provide that a good-faith attempt at compliance 
with the Fair Housing Act shall provide an exemption from 
liability for civil money damages for a violation of that act, as 

(Died in Assembly Housing and Community Development 

AJR 62 (Vasconcellos-D) - Older Americans Act

Requests the U.S. Congress to reauthorize the Older Americans 
Act with explicit protection for the rights of seniors including 
legal rights, advocacy, ombudsman, and demonstration programs.

Resolution Chapter 45, Statutes of 1996