NOTE: * denotes urgency legislation


SB 715 (Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee) - Taxation:  
Disaster Relief Provisions 
Reorders the existing disaster tax relief provisions for taxpayers 
who suffer uninsured losses during a presidentially-declared 
disaster to make it easier for taxpayers and tax preparers to 
Chapter 952, Statutes of 1996  
SB 879 (Senate Insurance Committee) - Disaster Revenue Bonds 
Allows the Department of Insurance to issue revenue bonds at the 
request of the California Insurance Guarantee Association 
following a catastrophic disaster to help pay the claims of 
insolvent insurers, as specified. 
Chapter 793, Statutes of 1996  
SB 1506 (Johnson-R) - Property Tax Relief 
Provides reimbursement to the Laguna Beach Unified School 
District for reductions in the amount of property tax revenues 
received for the 1994-95 fiscal year due to reassessments of 
property damaged in the October 1993 Orange County fire. 
Vetoed by the Governor  
SB 1623 (Rosenthal-D) - Catastrophe Fund 
Creates the Natural Disaster Catastrophe Fund to provide 
reimbursement to insurers for a portion of losses arising from an 
(Failed passage in Senate Insurance Committee) 
SB 2137 (Johannessen-R) - Community Service Districts 
Grants community service districts the power to build, maintain 
and operate flood protection works and facilities, subject to 
specified conditions. 
Chapter 903, Statutes of 1996  
SB 8X (Campbell-R) - Natural Disaster Assistance:  Real Estate 
Enacts the Disaster Relief Report Act of 1995.  Requires that a 
disclosure statement containing specified information regarding 
certain natural conditions or hazards be delivered to a prospective 
purchaser of real property.  Creates a new disaster assistance 
program which is to be the sole and exclusive relief that state 
government provides to property owners whose properties have 
been damaged by natural disasters, except to those properties 
where private insurance was not reasonably available. 
(Died in Senate Judiciary Committee) 
SB 9X (Johannessen-R) - Disasters:  Restoration of Land 
Exempts from the California Environmental Quality Act repairs 
to land and buildings damaged by natural or manmade disasters 
or emergencies. 
(Died in Senate Governmental Organization Committee) 
SB 11X (Mello-D) - River Maintenance:  Flood Control 
Allows creation of the Pajaro River Basin Flood Control 
Authority, if participating local agencies elect to create such an 
(Failed passage in Assembly Appropriations Committee) 
AB 360 (Hannigan-D) - Delta Levee Maintenance:  Emergencies 
Allows the Department of Water Resources to use maintenance 
and improvement bonds in an emergency, to prepare a delta 
emergency response plan for levee failures, and to establish a 
multi-agency emergency response team to advise on methods to 
ensure that levee emergencies will be resolved quickly and safely. 
Chapter 601, Statutes of 1996  
AB 386* (Alby-R) - Disaster Relief:  1986 Flood 
Enacts the 1986 Rio Linda/Strawberry Manor Flood Disaster 
Relief program to provide compensation to victims for personal 
and real property loss or damages suffered in the 1986 floods. 
(Died in Assembly Appropriations Committee) 
AB 678 (Woods-R) - Disasters:  California Environmental Quality 
Act Exemption 
Exempts land and any appurtenant structures in need of repairs 
due to any natural or manmade disaster from the California 
Environmental Quality Act for the purposes of restoring the land 
and structures to the state in which they existed immediately 
prior to the disaster. 
(Died in Senate Governmental Organization Committee) 
AB 1595* (Brewer-R) - Taxation:  Disaster Relief 
Exempts a basic aid school district that is located in a county 
where the Governor has declared a disaster in fiscal year 1993-94 
from the prohibition against receiving property tax revenue from 
the supplemental property tax roll. 
(Died in Assembly Appropriations Committee) 
AB 1796* (Richter-R) - Yuba County Flood Damages 
Creates the Yuba County Flood Damages Fund for the purpose of 
allowing the State Controller to compensate persons who are 
plaintiffs in a suit against the State of California arising out of 
the February 1986 floods in Yuba County. 
(Died in Assembly Appropriations Committee) 
AB 2103* (Mazzoni-D) - Taxation:  Disaster Relief:  Marin County 
Provides property tax relief and income tax relief for losses 
arising from fires or any other related casualty that occurred in 
Marin County in October 1995, regardless of whether a 
presidential disaster declaration was issued with respect to those 
fires or casualties. 
(Died in Assembly Appropriations Committee) 
AB 2292* (Knox-D) - Northridge Earthquake:  Property Tax 
Prohibits the county assessor from making supplemental 
assessments on properties that were damaged in the Northridge 
earthquake and have been repaired, as specified. 
(Died in Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee) 
AB 2963 (Firestone-R) - Environmental Quality 
Exempts projects to maintain, repair or restore non-scenic 
highways damaged through natural disasters from various 
permitting and reporting provisions of law such as the California 
Environmental Quality Act, requirements of the San Francisco 
Bay Conservation and Development Commission, coastal 
development contracts, and regional water quality control and 
waste discharge requirements. 
Chapter 825, Statutes of 1996  
AB 3255* (Caldera-D) - Redevelopment Project Areas 
Allows the City of Los Angeles and any other municipality's 
redevelopment project areas that include a disaster area due to 
the January 1994 Northridge earthquake and aftershocks to 
calculate their allocation of taxes based on the assessment roll as 
reduced by the percentage of damages and destruction computed 
according to law. 
Chapter 784, Statutes of 1996  
AB 5X* (Sher-D) - Flood Plains:  Real Estate Transfers 
Broadens the required disclosure by the seller of real property by 
requiring that a seller disclose when the property is located 
within a flood plain of a watercourse that poses a substantial risk 
of flooding. 
(Died in Assembly Housing and Community Development 
AB 8X (Escutia-D) - Schools:  Disaster Kits 
Requires the governing board of each school district and county 
superintendent of schools of each county within its jurisdiction to 
provide an earthquake and flood emergency and disaster 
preparedness kit, as specified. 
(Died in Assembly Education Committee)