NOTE: *denotes urgency legislation

SB 258 (O'Connell-D) - Home Inspectors 
Creates a standard of care for home inspectors.  Provides that 
contractual provisions which waive a home inspector's duty of due 
care or limit liability are contrary to public policy and invalid.  
Prohibits a list of practices by home inspectors which raise 
questions of conflict of interest as "unfair business practices."  
Exempts specific professions.  Provides that the time for 
commencing a legal action for breach of duty arising from a home 
inspection report not exceed 4 years from date of inspection. 
Chapter 338, Statutes of 1996  
SB 610 (Leonard-R) - Cable Television Services 
Establishes a statutory late fee provision for cable television 
Chapter 666, Statutes of 1996 
SB 798 (Mountjoy-R) - Heaters:  Gas Logs 
Allows the sale of unvented decorative logs and fireplaces, as 
Chapter 73, Statutes of 1996  
SB 930 (Leonard-R) - Product Liability 
Enacts the California Product Liability Reform Act of 1995 
establishing specific provisions governing the determination of 
strict liability for design defects, and exempts prescription drug 
manufacturers from strict liability for design defects. 
(Failed passage in Senate Judiciary Committee) 
Similar legislation was AB 1601 (Poochigian-R) which failed 
passage in Assembly Judiciary Committee. 
SB 1031 (Calderon-D) - Travel 
Exempts dive stores from registering as a "seller of travel" (travel 
agent) with the Attorney General and paying into the Consumer 
Restitution Fund. 
(Died in Assembly Consumer Protection, Governmental 
Efficiency, and Economic Development Committee 
SB 1070 (Calderon-D) - Rental Cars 
Changes existing procedures relative to the types of taxes which a 
rental car company may exclude from its advertised rate. 
Chapter 992, Statutes of 1996  
SB 1142 (Peace-D) - Telephonic Sellers 
Requires the Department of Consumer Affairs to establish a list of 
consumers who do not want telephone solicitations. 
(Failed passage in Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee) 
SB 1358* (Lewis-R) - Travel 
Reduces the expected balance in the Travel Consumer Restitution 
Corporation operations fund from $1.6 million to $1.2 million.  
Amends existing law to provide that participants in the fund may 
be assessed an emergency assessment if the expected balance in 
the fund falls below $900,000. 
Chapter 52, Statutes of 1996  
Similar legislation was AB 281* (Speier-D) which failed passage 
in Assembly Consumer Protection, Governmental Efficiency, and 
Economic Development Committee when it came back for 
concurrence from the Senate and AB 3066* (Frusetta-R) which 
died on Assembly Inactive File. 
SB 1466 (Johannessen-R) - Service Stations:  Public Rest Rooms:  
Gasoline Requirements 
Provides that under specified circumstances, service stations in a 
rural area are exempt from the requirement of providing at least 
2 separate restrooms for use by men and women.  Requires 
gasoline sold for use in Inyo, Mono or a portion of Kern County to 
meet certain specified standards. 
Chapter 489, Statutes of 1996 
SB 1512 (Calderon-D) - Telephonic Sellers:  Telephonic Sales 
Requires the Consumer Law Section of the Department of Justice 
to maintain a "do not call list" of persons who have requested that 
their telephone number be included on the list.  Requires 
telephonic sellers and other persons making telephonic sales calls 
to consumers to register with the Consumer Law Section for this 
purpose, and prohibits a registrant from calling a number 
included on the list, except in cases of prior consent. 
(Failed passage in Senate Appropriations Committee) 
SB 1520 (Johnston-D) - Highways:  Outdoor Advertising Displays 
Allows on-premise signs within a development project to continue 
to be deemed on-premise signs, and therefore not subject to 
reclassification upon the sale, transfer or conveyance of individual 
parcels or businesses within the development project.  Exempts 
on-premises advertising displays from regulatory provisions, as 
specified.  Sunsets January 1, 1999. 
Chapter 495, Statutes of 1996 
SB 1530 (Marks-D) - Solicitations:  Fraudulent Bills 
Provides that the prohibition against sending "phony bills" be 
amended to conform to similar federal law. 
Chapter 397, Statutes of 1996  
SB 1576 (Calderon-D) - Motor Vehicles:  Conditional Sales 
Removes the interest rate ceilings on automobile installment 
sales contracts over $1,650. 
Chapter 665, Statutes of 1996 
SB 1577 (Calderon-D) - Product Liability 
Allows admission of evidence of a driver's impaired operation of a 
motor vehicle resulting from use of alcohol or drugs for the 
purpose of determining comparative fault of the driver, as 
specified, involving product liability action brought against the 
manufacturer or distributor of a motor vehicle. 
(Died in Senate Judiciary Committee) 
SB 1582 (Maddy-R) - Unclaimed Property:  Small Estates 
Allows a county treasurer to release unclaimed money deposited 
pursuant to provisions of current law regarding summary 
disposition of small estates to any blood relative of either the 
decedent or the decedent's predeceased spouse who files an 
affidavit with the county treasurer to collect money or receive 
tangible property from the state. 
Chapter 401, Statutes of 1996  
SB 1639 (Ayala-D) - Motor Vehicle Loans 
Provides that any creditor who requests a cosigner as a condition 
of extending credit on a car purchase loan be required to give the 
cosigner a written notice of delinquency prior to repossessing the 
motor vehicle upon the buyer's default on the loan.  Provides that 
persons liable for any default on a motor vehicle conditional sales 
contract be given notice of his/her liability for the payment of 
interest on any deficiency balance upon the sale of the 
repossessed vehicle from the date of sale to the date of entry of 
judgment, as specified. 
Chapter 313, Statutes of 1996  
SB 1684 (Kopp-I) - Public Notices 
Amends existing requirements relative to public notices in the 
categories of sale of real property, orders to show cause for change 
of name, and fictitious names. 
(Failed passage on Senate Floor) 
SB 1818 (Marks-D) - Funeral Directors:  Fees:  AIDS 
Provides that no funeral director may charge an enhanced fee for 
services to a person whose cause of death was an illness related to 
acquired immune deficiency syndrome. 
(Died in Senate Business and Professions Committee) 
SB 1821 (Marks-D) - Civil Procedure:  Personal Consumer 
Permits a consumer or employee, whose personal or employment 
records are subject to subpoena, and who is not a party to the 
action, to object to the subpoena.  Requires the requesting party 
to then bring a motion within 20 days of the objection to enforce 
the subpoena. 
Chapter 679, Statutes of 1996  
SB 1851 (Kelley-R) - Drinking Water 
Eliminates dual regulation of retail food facilities under the 
California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law and the California 
Safe Drinking Water Act in those instances where a food facility 
does not provide drinking water. 
Chapter 874, Statutes of 1996  
SB 1871 (Wright-R) - Credit Cards 
Repeals the statute requiring credit card issuers to furnish a 
statement to the cardholder of the amount of interest or finance 
charges which the cardholder paid during the preceding calendar 
Chapter 180, Statutes of 1996 
SB 1942* (O'Connell-D) - Secondhand Dealers 
Exempts secondhand dealers whose business is limited to the 
reconditioning and selling of major household appliances from 
specific state regulations. 
Chapter 103, Statutes of 1996  
SB 1959 (Calderon-D) - Check Cashers 
Authorizes check cashers to charge a fee of up to 15% of the face 
amount of a check whose deposit is to be deferred.  Enacts 
additional consumer protections for regular customers of check 
cashing stores by imposing a civil penalty provision and a limit on 
fees for cashing a personal check. 
Chapter 682, Statutes of 1996  
SB 2002 (Ayala-D) - Contractors:  Licensing:  Exemptions 
Exempts from the Contractors' State License Law, admitted 
surety insurers whenever they engage a contractor to complete a 
contract on which the surety insurer has issued a performance or 
completion bond, provided all actual construction work is 
performed by duly licensed contractors. 
Chapter 287, Statutes of 1996  
SB 2014 (Alquist-D) - Unclaimed Property 
Makes several changes to statutes relating to unclaimed property 
and escheatage. 
Chapter 762, Statutes of 1996  
SB 2030 (Killea-I) - Employment Contracts 
Provides that agencies that engage in the business of obtaining 
and filling commitments for domestic help be allowed to enter into 
continuing contracts with the domestic workers whom they place. 
Chapter 102, Statutes of 1996  
SB 2040 (Hughes-D) - Home Improvement Contracts 
Provides that failure to disclose information required by existing 
law pursuant to a home improvement contract makes actions to 
seek any security interest in real property, not including 
mechanics' liens, to secure payment unenforceable. 
(Failed passage in Assembly Judiciary Committee) 
SB 2045 (Rosenthal-D) - Home Improvement Loans 
Provides that it is unfair or deceptive practice, punishable by civil 
damages, for a mortgage broker or lender, to directly or indirectly 
use a home improvement contractor as an agent for its business in 
any manner, including, but not limited to, negotiating the terms 
of a home improvement contract mortgage loan. 
Chapter 684, Statutes of 1996  
SB 2050 (Calderon-D) - Retail Installment Accounts:  Default 
Allows retailers to assess a fee in an amount not to exceed $15 on 
payments to credit card accounts that are delinquent more than 
15 days. 
Chapter 301, Statutes of 1996  
SB 2052 (Calderon-D) - Warranties:  Motor Vehicle 
Extends the period during which a reasonable number of repair 
attempts must be made in order for a purchaser to obtain the 
presumption that a new motor vehicle is a "lemon" under the 
Tanner Consumer Protection Act, "Lemon Law".  Expands the 
definition of the term "new motor vehicle" to include new motor 
vehicles used for business purposes by a person who has no more 
than 5 motor vehicles registered to that person in this state. 
(Failed passage in Assembly Consumer Protection, Governmental 
Efficiency and Economic Development Committee) 
SB 2066 (Haynes-R) - Construction Contracts 
Provides that changes made to the law related to waiver and 
release of mechanics liens by SB 934 (Kopp-I) of 1993, as those 
changes related to retention proceeds, are clarification of existing 
law and therefore are retroactive. 
(Failed passage in Senate Judiciary Committee) 
SB 2099 (Kopp-I) - Business:  Cable Television:  Telecast 
Requires a promoter, as defined, who charges or receives a fee for 
televising a boxing or martial arts contest on a pay-per-view 
telecast, using a cable television system, to pay a 5% tax to the 
California State Athletic Commission.  The 5% tax shall be based 
on the gross receipts from the telecast, exclusive of commissions, 
federal, state, and local taxes. 
(Died in Senate Appropriations Committee) 
SB 2149 (Thompson-D) - Junk Dealers and Recyclers 
Makes minor changes to existing law relative to junk and 
recycling dealers relative to their reporting requirements. 
(Died in Assembly Consumer Protection, Governmental Efficiency 
and Economic Development Committee) 
AB 410 (Battin-R) - Product Liability:  Subsequent Remedial 
Makes inadmissible, in strict liability product cases as well as in 
negligence cases, evidence of remedial or precautionary measures 
taken to improve the safety of a product which were taken after 
the occurrence of an injury caused by that allegedly defective 
(Failed passage in Senate Judiciary Committee) 
AB 576 (Villaraigosa-D) - Product Liability:  Semiautomatic 
Makes manufacturers of a semiautomatic handgun liable for all 
damage caused by a semiautomatic pistol that does not have a 
loaded chamber indicator. 
(Failed passage in Assembly Public Safety Committee) 
AB 597* (Speier-D) - Cemeteries 
Provides for a loan, to be repaid by January 1, 2001, of $2,559,000 
from any special fund of the regulatory agencies of the 
Department of Consumer Affairs.  Appropriates those monies to 
augment the Consumer Affairs Fund in the 1995 Budget Act.  
Provides for examination of a cemetery's endowment care funds 
under specified circumstances. 
Chapter 38, Statutes of 1996 
AB 616 (Morrow-R) - Fire Behavior and Fire Spread Study 
Matching Fund 
Establishes the Fire Behavior and Fire Spread Study Matching 
Fund to provide the State Fire Marshal up to $280,000 to conduct 
specific fire studies and tests, as specified. 
Chapter 975, Statutes of 1996  
AB 628 (Thompson-R) - Advertising:  Made in U.S.A. 
Makes it unlawful to use any name or term, such as American or 
U.S.A., or picture or symbol, such as an American Flag, or to 
make any other statement in an untrue or misleading manner so 
as to imply that any property, goods or thing produced, made, or 
manufactured, or otherwise had its origin in the United States 
when the merchandise has been substantially made, 
manufactured or produced outside the United States, as specified. 
(Died in Senate Business and Professions Committee) 
AB 808 (Granlund-R) - Outdoor Advertising 
Redefines the existing procedure authorizing the Director of 
Transportation to revoke any permit under the Outdoor 
Advertising Act for failure to comply with that law as specified. 
(Failed passage in Senate Governmental Organization 
AB 972* (Sher-D) - Product Liability:  Tobacco Products 
Makes manufacturers and sellers of tobacco products subject to 
products liability lawsuits based on intentional fraud and 
misrepresentation, or conspiracy for injuries resulting from these 
(Failed passage in Assembly Judiciary Committee) 
AB 994 (Katz-D) - Health:  Consumer Product Actions 
Empowers the Attorney General to bring lawsuits against the 
manufacturers of tobacco products to recover health care costs 
incurred by the state resulting from their use. 
(Died in Assembly Judiciary Committee) 
AB 1162 (Speier-D) - Tobacco:  Advertising 
Prohibits any person, firm, corporation, partnership, or other 
organization from advertising, or causing to be advertised, tobacco 
products, on any outdoor billboard located within 1,500 feet of any 
public or private school as specified. 
(Failed passage in Assembly Health Committee) 
AB 1383 (Speier-D) - Motor Vehicles:  Consumer Affairs 
Requires the Department of Motor Vehicles, in consultation with 
the Department of Consumer Affairs, to make specified 
information available on the Internet web site. 
Chapter 722, Statutes of 1996 
AB 1455 (Cortese-RFM) - Contractors 
Allows the Contractors' State License Board, by regulation, to 
limit a general building contractor from doing work comprising 
less than 3 unrelated trades. 
Vetoed by the Governor  
AB 1607 (Brewer-R) - Travel:  Dive Stores 
Exempts a dive store from the definition of a seller of travel. 
(Died in Senate Business and Professions Committee) 
AB 1721 (Ducheny-D) - Student and Consumer Records 
Expands, clarifies and revises responsibilities of community 
college districts and school districts as regards to furnishing 
student information in response to court orders, or lawfully issued 
subpoenas and notifying parents and students when furnishing 
such information. 
Chapter 879, Statutes of 1996  
AB 1784 (Speier-D) - Swimming Pools 
Adds to the listing to be disclosed by a seller of residential 
property the presence or absence of a child resistant safety fence 
for a pool, and a locking safety cover for a spa or hot tub.  Enacts 
the Swimming Pool Law to establish certain safety standards 
requiring swimming pool enclosures, powered safety pool covers, 
or exit alarms, as specified. 
(Failed passage in Assembly Appropriations Committee) 
AB 1963 (Figueroa-D) - Feminine Hygiene Products 
Requires the Department of Health Services to determine if 
dioxin levels, a carcinogen, is present in feminine hygiene 
products if it is able to obtain private funding. 
(Died in Assembly Health Committee) 
AB 2022 (Knight-R) - Product Liability 
Prohibits persons who are convicted of certain felonies from 
recovering damages for injuries incurred during the felony and 
counsel by a defective product. 
(Failed passage in Senate Judiciary Committee) 
AB 2045 (W. Murray-D) - Retail Price Commodity Charging:  
Requires the Secretary of the Department of Food and Agriculture 
to adopt regulations, as opposed to rules and regulations, to 
assure accuracy of automated systems for retail commodity price 
charging referred to as scanners. 
(Died in Senate Business and Professions Committee) 
AB 2233 (W. Murray-D) - Cemeteries 
Provides that a cemetery authority may be required to appoint a 
sole, qualified trustee in instances of its failure to file a report 
covering the condition of its endowment care fund or of an 
endowment care fund that is not in compliance with the law. 
Chapter 370, Statutes of 1996  
AB 2234 (W. Murray-D) - Cemeteries:  Fees 
Increases the fine which the Cemetery Board is authorized to 
impose upon a cemetery authority from $200 to $400 a month for 
late endowment care reports.  Exempts until January 1, 1998 an 
applicant for a cemetery salesperson license from the written 
exam requirements for a cemetery broker's license.  Raises fees 
that a cemetery authority must pay for each burial, entombment, 
inurnment or cremation and the crematory licensee for each 
cremation for purposes of repaying specified loans. 
Chapter 964, Statutes of 1996  
A similar bill was AB 2696 (Kuykendall-R) which died on 
Assembly Unfinished Business File. 
AB 2238 (W. Murray-D) - Private Cemeteries:  Discrimination 
Prohibits a cemetery from discriminating against any person 
based upon race or gender regarding the use of any property 
within the cemetery, as specified.  Does not apply to native tribal 
burial grounds or cemeteries not subject to state jurisdiction. 
Chapter 769, Statutes of 1996  
AB 2242 (Burton-D) - Food Facilities 
Allows outdoor displays of prepackaged, nonpotentially hazardous 
foods and uncut produce at food establishments. 
Chapter 92, Statutes of 1996  
AB 2279 (Alpert-D) - Credit Services Organization 
Makes clarifying changes in the law that regulates credit services 
organizations which are companies which sell the service of 
repairing consumers' credit ratings. 
Chapter 648, Statutes of 1996  
AB 2318 (Goldsmith-R) - Liability:  Skating Rinks 
Creates the Roller Skating Safety Act, which sets forth duties and 
responsibilities for both roller skaters and rink operators. 
(Failed passage in Senate Judiciary Committee) 
AB 2339 (Harvey-R) - Food Labeling 
Changes the fat content label disclosure for chopped or ground 
beef and hamburger. 
Chapter 468, Statutes of 1996  
AB 2344 (Woods-R) - Motor Vehicle Leases 
Provides that a radio advertisement to enter into a motor vehicle 
lease shall be deemed to comply with statutory disclosure 
requirements if the advertisement states certain information and 
either lists a toll-free phone number where the statutory 
disclosures may be obtained or refers to a written advertisement, 
as specified. 
Chapter 814, Statutes of 1996  
AB 2349 (Harvey-R) - Food Facilities 
Requires local health officers to review and approve written 
procedures and records for cleaning and food handling as 
performed by mobile food vendors selling in enclosed sites.  
Provides requirement for food handling for mobile food facilities 
in general, and makes various technical changes. 
Chapter 1048, Statutes of 1996  
AB 2396 (Archie-Hudson-D) - Home Improvement Contracts 
Provides that change-orders relating to specified construction 
contracts are not enforceable against the party contracting for the 
work unless the change-order meets certain requirements, as 
Chapter 985, Statutes of 1996  
AB 2466 (Goldsmith-R) - Gift Certificates 
Makes it an unlawful act for any person or entity to sell a gift 
certificate containing an expiration date. 
Chapter 933, Statutes of 1996  
AB 2494 (Margett-R) - Contractors 
Requires a contractor who has had his or her license suspended or 
revoked 12 or more times within an 8-year period to disclose this 
before entering into a contract to perform work on residential 
property with 4 or fewer units. 
Chapter 282, Statutes of 1996  
AB 2520 (Kaloogian-R) - Home Furnishings and Thermal 
Reconfigures the regulation of the home furnishings and thermal 
insulation industry. 
(Died in Senate Business and Professions Committee) 
AB 2639 (Bowler-R) - Autobrokers:  Financing Arrangements 
Allows autobrokers for a fee or otherwise, to arrange, negotiate, 
assist, or effectuate new motor vehicle financing for any new 
motor vehicle if the autobroker satisfies specified conditions and 
(Died in Assembly Transportation Committee) 
AB 2727 (House-R) - Drinking Water 
Amends the California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law to 
define "potable water", and amends the California Safe Drinking 
Water Act (CSDWA) to provide that it applies to a food facility 
only if the human consumption at the food facility includes 
drinking water; revises and provides certain definitions under the 
Chapter 875, Statutes of 1996  
AB 2838 (Hoge-R) - On-Premises Advertising:  Displays 
Revises and recasts the provisions of law relative to removal or 
limitation of on-premises advertising displays. 
Chapter 1150, Statutes of 1996  
AB 2860 (Morrissey-R) - Guide Dogs for the Blind 
Extends the State Board of Guide Dogs sunset date for 5 years 
and requires guide dog schools to offer follow-up services for 
specified problems. 
(Failed passage in Senate Business and Professions Committee) 
AB 2866 (Speier-D) - Car Rentals:  Damages Waiver 
Requires a rental company that offers or provides a damage 
waiver to include a prescribed notice immediately above the 
damage waiver, as specified. 
(Failed passage in Assembly Judiciary Committee) 
AB 2877 (Davis-D) - Funeral Establishments 
Revises the existing funeral director license and recasts it into 2 
separate licensing categories (Funeral Establishment license and 
Funeral Director's license). 
Chapter 1151, Statutes of 1996  
AB 2957 (Speier-D) - Auto Repair Business:  Registration 
Requires the Department of Consumer Affairs to develop 
standards for the registration of automotive repair dealers, as 
(Failed passage in Assembly Appropriations Committee) 
AB 2958 (Harvey-R) - Contractors:  Unlicensed Activity 
Extends the statute of limitations, from 3 to 4 years, for 
prosecution of unlicensed contracting activity, and for citations for 
unlicensed activity. 
Chapter 145, Statutes of 1996  
AB 3026 (Bates-D) - Security Bar Windows 
Allows a local government to adopt an ordinance establishing a 
date for retrofit of security bars with emergency releases on 
existing residences.  Double-joined with AB 3305 (Setencich-R), 
Chapter 925, Statutes of 1996. 
Chapter 926, Statutes of 1996  
AB 3305 (Setencich-R) - Housing:  Safety:  Disclosures 
Requires, as of January 1, 1998, that all newly constructed 
swimming pools at a private, single family home, be equipped 
with specified safety equipment or warning devices.  Requires the 
real estate disclosure statement to include whether or not these 
safety measures and other prescribed security safeguards are on 
the property. 
Chapter 925, Statutes of 1996  
AB 3320 (Speier-D) - Internet 
Expands the scope of existing law regulating the sale or lease of 
goods or services by telephone, mail order, or catalog to apply to 
sales or leases conducted via the Internet or any other electronic 
Chapter 785, Statutes of 1996  
AB 3355 (Firestone-R) - Contractors:  Workers' Compensation 
Provides that filing by a contractor of a false workers' 
compensation exemption statement is grounds for disciplinary 
Chapter 331, Statutes of 1996